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Suggested Reading


I am going out to see (Naval Deployment) soon and need some books to read. Prefer lifting oriented, but any good reading would do. Thanks for all the ideas I get.


In case you haven't read it already:

Meditations (Marcus Aurelius)


There is a book I have owned for about 10 years that I am currently reading again for probably the 10th time. It is called "Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder"

It's the true account and extremely entertaining story of a skinny ass dweeb who becomes a competetive bodybuilder. The author is Samuel Wilson Fussell.

There is probably others on this site that have read this, I think it's a very original book. I recommend you give it a try.



I was going to say "Meditations" but Michael beat me to it. I just finished "Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world" by Jack Weatherford. Genghis was one bad mutha. I would also recommend anything by Hunter Thompson. He was a great writer with a unique perspective. Philip K. Dick wrote a lot of good stuff if your into the sci-fi thing. T-Nation is really the only thing related to lifting I read. I should probably go to the library and fix that. Stay safe bro.



The best lifting book I've ever read (by far!!!) is Pavel Tsatouline's Beyond Bodybuilding.


I just finished reading Jarhead by Anthony Swofford (thanks for that blog review a while back, Shugs). Now I'm painfully working into reading The Iliad. It should get easier to read as I go along .... hopefully.


The books that actually changed the way I am
The Tao of Pooh: By Benjamin Hoff, the best book I have ever seen explaining the philosphy Taoism.
The Prince: By Nicolo Machiavelli, the original evil genius of you have ever wanted to understand politic and power this is the book to read.
The Tao of Jeet Kune Do: by Bruce Lee, the best analisys of one on one unarmed combat I have ever heard of.

Classic Karate: by Mas Oyama, This book cover the baisics of Karate you already know and make you realise you don't know anything. Not to mention Oyama was a man so tough he did bull fights with his bare hands, and won 15 of 16, ( note one fight was a draw, he downed the bull but he lost so much blood he couldn't stand and ahd to be taken to hospital, but he did survive)

These four books I read all the time, they are all the kind of books that you can read 10 times and get somthing diffrent each time.