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Sugarless Metamucil and KD

OK one serving is 2 tsp which equals 10 gr of carbs total. of that 6 is dietary fiber and 4 is soluble fiber. So there is 4 gr of carb per two Tsp serving? Is that correct or do you count the whole 10 gr even though most of it is dietary fiber?

The second ingredient listed in Metamucil is maltodextrin (even in the sugar free kind), so I count all the carbs just in case.

If low carbing, I switch to a plain, unflavored husk product-- no carbs, no cals. GNC carries several brands of the plain kind. It’s nasty stuff, but I figure if I can do 20 rep breathing squats then I can drink a little glass of fiber.

Chris, That shit is like chewing on cardboard. Gag. I did that for 6 weeks on fat fast I am not sure I can do that crap again. God was that shit awful. Yummy sticks and gravel shake.