Struggling badly with appetite

Just recently got back in to bodybuilding and I am struggling massively with appetite, I’m basically force feeding every meal at this point and it’s a problem.

I used to be able to stomach this volume of food (3.5k cals) easily. I’m extremely stressed in life and I know that’s contributing tons to my lack of appetite but is there anything I can take to increase my appetite for now? I know the more I eat the more my stomach will expand etc. But at the moment I’m put off food in general and its an issue when I’m trying to pack on mass.


34 5"10 170lb

PROTEIN 260 g per day (1039 calories)
CARBS 346 g per day (1385 calories)
FATS 115 g per day (1039 calories)

My typical meals consist of

Breakfast: Oats with peanut butter + honey or Toast with peanut butter
2nd meal: Fried mince in some flatbreads
3rd meal: A steak and some carb source i.e rice/sweet potato/sourdough bread
Protein Shake
4th meal: same as meal 3 essentially

I’ll snack on cashews periodically to get some cals in but I’m forcing the steaks down. I switched to fish/chicken last week for some variety but it was just as unbearable. Not sure if it’s a psychological issue or what but my appetite is genuinely non-existent

Age, height, weight, and current calories you are struggling with?

What are you eating?
Tell us what you ate yesterday.


You’re starting your day with a fiber and fat heavy meal. This is going to be VERY satiating. That’s awesome when you’re trying to chase away hunger, but you want to do the opposite here. So now you’re full from the very start of your day and have to work against that. This would be a MUCH better pre-bed meal: something slow digesting to feed your body while it recovers. I’d consider throwing a scoop or two of Metabolic Drive into it to up the protein content.

Another slow digesting fatty food.

Go with ground beef instead. It’s effectively “pre-chewed”

Do you do any walking or conditioning in your training?


Similar to the above, why so much fat in the meals?

I’d check out the satiety index, and my meals would be more chicken and rice than steak and potatoes. So, based on the above, maybe I’d go:

  1. Egg whites and grits
  2. Chicken and rice
  3. Protein shake
  4. Chicken and rice
  5. Ground beef and potatoes (you’re going to bed, so you don’t need to eat again)
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-How long have you been following this diet?
-What has been your rate of gain?
-Do you need this many calories or are you just “force feeding” growth?

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Exactly. He edited the post to add his stats after my first reply. At that height/age/weight I don’t see the need for 3500cals unless you want just quick crap mass. 3000cal, good macros, time most carbs before and after workout. Should yield slow progession in weight gain for awhile.

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This could be it. You’ve posted about a cycle, 2x day workouts, and quick mass. Slow down, grasshopper.

If your adrenaline/cortisol/caffeine/rest/ambition is all wild, of course appetite is going to be struggling.

Good advice. Remember that progress creates its own inertia.

Do you cook your own food or eat out mostly?

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Purely anecdotal, but salmon is really easy for me to eat, and a good source of protein & fats.

As 2 birds, 1 stone foods go its a pretty good one.

images (22)


It works for these dudes to get huge

Honestly, emulating them could do some good. Salmon, honey

And LOTS of sleep

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Looks like a female.

And I don’t appreciate you using my past relationships on the forums.

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Not a recommendation but can effect appetite