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Strouds Fitness


Just wanting to see if anyone lifts at Strouds Fitness in Hurst, Texas. Heard its a really good powerlifting gym, thinking of checking it out.


I went to an EliteFTS seminar that had the gym portion there. Seemed pretty good to me. Although if you're not far from Carrolton, I'd prefer training at Bad Attitude Gym if it was me.


I live in Roanoke. That'd probably be quite a drive unfortunately. IDK why there aren't more hardcore gyms around the Watauga, Keller, North Richland Hills area. Theres about 4 24 hour fitnesses and 3 or 4 LA Fitnesses.


Stroud's is a good gym. I train at Bad Attitude Gym and before we got a monolift we used to train at Stround's a couple times before a meet to get used to a monolift. There are some good lifters there. Some of them have trained at Bad Attitude Gym in the past and still do from time to time. One of the guys that trains there lives in Keller. It would probably be a 30 minute drive from Roanoke.


A 30 minute drive will be worth it than having to workout at LA Fitness another day!