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Strength Question???

I want to start following a program for strength where you perform multiple sets of low reps without taking the sets to failure and focusing on the “quality” of the reps like CT talks about in his Beast Building Part 1 Article.

My question is, how do you use progression on a workout like this? You can’t try to add reps to the sets, because that would take away from the “quality” of the reps. Same thing with adding more weight. Do you just keep performing the same weights for awhile?

I can’t answer that question but I know that for one hundred years what has worked for thousands of weightlifters has been adding intensity periodically.

Yeah I know what you mean, continual progressive overload, that’s what I’ve always tried to follow. In CT’s article, he increases the intensity from week to week going from 80% to 85% to 90%. Maybe that’s the way to do it, just keep cycling intensities?

Add a set? Does your gym have 2.5 lb plates? (shameful, I know)

Also, maybe give week to week wave loading a try.

Can you explain what you mean by week to week wave loading?

If you can’t figure out a progression, maybe that’s not the technique to improve your strength.

He means exactly what you posted about in your previous reply—CT doing a wave from 80%, to 85%, to 90% in successive weeks. Usually afterwards you drop to a lower intensity the 4th or 5th week, and then resume with slightly elevated %s (say 82-92 for example)

OK thanks that makes sense