Strange Calf Training Question

Almost everytime I train calves I start to get the urge to urinate once they start to burn. No I’m not joking, and yes I make sure to take a leak before I train them. Anyone else ever notice this?

No, but when I squat I feel like I gotta take a shit.

(sorry, I couldn’t resist)

I’ve heard of that before–stress on the calf muscles from lifting and also distance running causing a need to urinate. I’ve never seen a medical/sciemtific response as to why.

Hard calf training makes me have to piss too. It’s a weird sensation in the groin. Tingling

that’s weird because working the calves just makes me horny…

It’s been documented that men reflexively overflex their calves during sexual stimulation. You may just be experiencing a conditioned response if you feel horny from calf work.