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Step Ups?


Any of you guys use step ups as a regular leg exercise? I gave em a go today as I couldnt face walking lunges.

I had the step about knee height to get plenty of glute and ham in the movement.

Whats everyones experience with this exercise?


I do it regularly. I find I really need to drive my knee up to past my hip level to get the full benefits. Also, if you do them fairly fast while maintaining your form, it's like a quasi-cardio exercise.


I've been doing these to the side to work v.medialis..I don't like side lunges much and this seems to do the same thing.


I've done these with a fair amount of weight (315 on about a one-foot step) and never really felt like it did anything. Maybe if your step is higher it would be a more benficial movement.


High step ups can be very beneficial. Tarantenko dropped squats totally in favor of them, and it served him pretty damn well. Not saying drop squats, just an interesting aside.


elveneyes when you say you are doing side stepups, are there literally straight to the side or is the step in front of you at an angle?