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Static Contraction / Power Factor

What do you guys think of Static Contraction training as advocated by this guy Sisco? Just more nutty HIT BS? Or is it for real…?

This has been discussed alot, both at T-mag and here. Try the search engines if you don’t get much of a response.

I have tried SC, but not Power Factor. I saw dramatic increases in static strength, and there really was a good deal of carry over into dynamic strength.

I didn't see any size gains at all, though. Personally, I may work SC back in as a "finisher" type of thing. Hope this helps.

I believe it is for real, I have been using the principles properly and have made steady progress with them. It is most important to recover fully from one workout to the next. This can take anywhere from a few days initially to several weeks for the advanced trainer. The reason for the extended layoff between workouts is the extremely intense style of working out. While your muscles may recover in a few days, your nervous system takes much longer to recover and growth will not occur until these first two stages of recovery have taken place. Have you noticed how many natural trainers workout for years with no/little improvements. They train three or four days a week, to be able to maintain this frequency of training without overtraining requires them to workout at a level that does not sufficiently tax themselves. This means there is no stimulus for muscle growth. If they did increase intensity progressively they would sooon burnout and actually start to lose strength and injure themselves. Remember each increase in intensity requires a greater recovery time. The Sisco workouts are based on scientific principles for natural trainers, not the ridiculous workouts that steroids make possible without overtraining. The idea that you need to train at least three times a week, or you will shrink or the need to do full reps to fully contract the mucle do not have any scientific basis. On steroids any workout will work. Natural trainers need to be smarter than that, for too long b/s has surrounded bodybuilding and needs to be eliminated, wee need scientic principles that apply and work for all bodybuilders.