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Starting TBT


For weeks 1-2 do you think it will be smart if I do

for the 4 compound movements

front squats
incline bench

for the 2 isolation

hammer curls
tricep pressdown

or do you have another suggestion?

I dont want to use all the 'best' exercises first so I will spread it all out.


do as you wish, as long as you use movements that work. on page 3 of the TBT article theres a good sample work out. i'm on week 5 currently and have been making good progress, i've found that having DL and squat on the same work out can be a killer when it comes to the second week of the work out (pairing exercises).

make sure to keep a log of your workouts.


Thats great for one day out of the week but you need different exercises for the other days. squat, dl, press and rowing variations.


So are you suggesting that I maybe do squats 1 week, then dl for the second or so on?


Pick 4 exercises from the multi-joint, or compound lift list. Pick 2 exercises from the single joint list.

Rotate the exercises around. Don't shy away from any of the exercises listed.

Don't make it any more difficult than that.

TBT is an incredible training program. Just do it like CW has laid it out.


Like Phill said, that's fine for one day, but you'll want to change the exercises for the other 2 workouts in that same week.

Try to pick exercises that hit a different area of the muscle that you worked out in the first workout.

For example, let's say you did flat benh presses on Day 1. On Day 3 you should do either incline or decline presses.


I do the same exercises for a week, then switch.


i do it the same way as djwlfpack suggested. im not a big fan of high rep deadlifts, so i do them on my 5 rep days and i'll do other exercises on the others.