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Stacking Test E amd Sust

I just started my cycle of Test E and i am taking DBol for a kickstart. Now i have 5weeks supply of Test E 600mg/week and 5weeks supple of Sust 500mg/week. I was wondering if it would be good to just do the 5weeks of Test E and then jump on to the Sust for the last 5weeks or just take the full cycle of 10weeks with the Test E? Any advice would help

i would do full cycle of test E

agree with Walkway, but if you’ve already got the sust, might as well just use it.

if you have the sust Id run it first that way you can get it into ur blood faster because of the prop. Also with sust u need to wait longer to start pct but if u wanna invest a little more id grab more test e and save the sustanon for a cycle that involves EOD pinning

Sounds good i appreciate the guidance