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Spacing Out Cypionate Shots?



I have been on T replacement for about 3 years now and I have been reading about guys spacing out there once a week dose. currently I am supposed to inject 1/2 cc of 200 mg Cypionate once a week but I want to inject every other day or every 3 days.

Problem is on such a small dose, I am not sure the best way to break it up considering on my syringe I only have 5 lines to work with, so I am pretty confused. I just don't want the roller coaster ride feeling anymore, I want a smooth and steady feeling and I refuse to go back to the gel's, they suck on so many levels.

Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks.


I do 1/2 ML every 3 days (250 Mg per week essentially)...I like it WAYY better than how I started which was weekly. Talked to my Dr and folks on here - no issues, more needles, way more stable. I was getting really "blah" feeling by day 5/6 so that's why I switched. I would suppose you may use more if you just divide in 1/2 and go 2x weekly, but perhaps the little extra is worth the stableness...so to speak.

Anyways, my 2 cents.....maybe worth less.


Hey John,
I appreciate your input but I am only supposed to take 1/2 cc and maybe I am just confused about cc's to ML's, I don't know. I do know however that on only 1/2 cc a week when I get my blood tested, it is always around 768 total and at the highest level for free T so I can't really take anymore because my testes still function on these levels and I would like to keep it that way :slightly_smiling:
Again, thanks for your input.


Anybody else, come on guys...I know it may seem simple to a lot of you but I am confused and I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here. I am looking for all the input I can get.


lots of folks here use .5cc 1/2" 29gauge insulin needles. Some inject into fat instead of muscle, but you can still do IM with these needles in the vastus lateralus if you do not have a lot of fat there.

The resolution on the smaller syringes is much finer. EOD dosing would be weekly dose divided by 3.5. (for you it would be .14cc every other day) E3D dosing would be the weekly dose divided by 2.3. (In your case that would be .22cc every third day)

To calculate any dosing protocol divide your weekly dose by 7 days and multiply that number by the interval. 1cc = 1ml


My understanding (and please verify) is that they are one in the same...1CC (volume meaning cubic centimeter) is = to 1ML (volume meaning 1 milliliter).

So - you'd simply take 1/4 CC 2x weekly (or Every 3 days or whatever you were looking to split the amount up to).

Now if you have an insulin type needle that is says total volume is = 1/2 CC, then you would fill it halfway (likely to be expressed in "units" on the insulin syringe). Key thing to me is, what is your syringe expressing it's measurements in? CC's, Units, or ML's?

Let me know if that helps any.



Thanks a lot dude that really helps me out, I am really bad with math so I get confused but that def helped me understand what to do. Much appreciated, now I just have to learn how to read the lines on the syringe so I know what to draw to and I think ill have it down. Thanks again!!


Hey John,
I think it reads both CC's and ML's and it is a pretty big needle 3 ml 25G 5/8 so I find it hard to read the lines, I will have to look a chart up to read the lines on the syringe. Or buy insulin syringes as somebody said are easier to read.


the insulin pins feel a whole lot better going in than the 25g. You won't be sorry you switched.

I buy the Easy Touch brand from amazon. .5cc 1/2" 29g. They also have a coating on the needle which doesn't pull the skin when you inject something without oil like HCG. The smaller diameter of the .5cc syringes makes it easy to inject the thicker oil based testosterone through the fine gauge needle.

Smaller sectional area of the syringe seal = more injection pressure with less force on the plunger. 5lbs of plunger force on my syring could generate 250psi minus some frictional losses. 5 lbs of plunger force on a bigger syring could generate around 50 psi. Don't let the high injection pressures scare you, it will drop the instant the fluid leaves the needle. (Boyles Law)



In some States you do need a prescription I think. I live in Florida and can buy them without one.


Thanks bro, you've def been a big help!