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Soy Flour, OK to Use?

I was watching some cooking show yesterday and they were making low carb food. They were making muffins and they looked really good but they used soy flour. What is the deal with this? I heard that soy isn’t that great for you either so I wasn’t sure. I have been using whole wheat flour when I make pizza and such but never soy flour. Anyone here use it?

I had this question as well. I know soy oil and lectithin are fine, and that the main villains are the phytoestrogens found in large concentration in soy protein and soy protein isolates.

It seems to be the consensus that eating somein soy beans whole once awhile (as opposed to a main protein source) is OK.

However, I don’t know what kind of concentrations of those phytoestrogens that soy flour, or something such as tofu, would have? Does anyone have any info on this?


I am interested in this as well.

It appears that either no one knows or no one cares…Bump

Soy oil is not fine if they are refined or partially hydrogenated.

Soybeans do not taste that good to begin with and imagine that with soy flour!

I found a study that focused on soy flour.

Gardner-Thorpe D and others. Dietary supplements of soya flour lower serum testosterone concentrations and improve markers of oxidative stess in men. Eur J Clin Nutr 2003 Jan;57(1):100-6.

In a study carried out at University Hospital of Wales, male volunteers ate three scones per day in addition to their normal diet for a period of six weeks. The scones were made either with wheat flour or soy flour providing 120 mg per day of isoflavones (about the amount contained in 3 cups of soy milk).

Researchers noted “significant improvements in two of the three markers of oxidative stress” and concluded that "these findings provide a putative mechanism by which soya supplements could protect against prostatic disease and atherosclerosis. However, testosterone levels fell in the volunteers eating the soy but researchers did not stress this alarming finding in their conclusion.

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Check out this link on soy lecithin:

Personally I think soy consumed once in a while probably isn’t all that bad. On the other hand, when you see how many products use some form of soy, it’s hard to justify eating more on purpose.

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Thanks for the info. I don’t supplement with any soy product, lectithin or otherwise, but I thought I didn’t need to worry about the lectithin.

As for the flour, very good to know as well.

I think SS pretty much settled it, but for what it’s worth soy flour is made from ground whole soy beans, so I would assume it has the same effects as other whole-bean products.