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South Of Heaven Powerlifting Log

For the past 9 weeks I have been training for the Iron Chamber Gym Bench Bash in Canton Ohio. I have to say that I have been a great follower of their percentage charts and have used them to great success. My raw bench has gone from 265 easy to a 300 pause and my shirt work was a 391 (Rage X) to a 440 (Titan F6). I suck at benching, but I am determined to bring this up to standard.

As for the Raw United meet on September 6th, 2009 this is the first time that I will be competing raw. I am the only on that actually trains in gear and this irrates the other members to an extent, but one training partner agreed to give the suits a shot if I do some raw meets with him. Sound great to me. I have started by raw training using the ICG charts for bench, an Ed Coan competition squat program, and a modified Ed Coan deadlift program.

Update on Training
I am posting my training on thepowerlifting.com everyday and have missed posting it here. Anyway, I am still using the Iron Chamber Gym charts and have successfully taken my training to another level. Here is my progress even if it seems meger to others.

Old PR’s
Squat (Raw) 365
Squat (Gear) 491

Bench (Raw) 285
Bench (Gear) 391

Deadlift (Raw) 450
Deadlift (Gear) 475 (Gym lift)

New PR’s
Squat (Raw) 405
Squat (Briefs Only) 545

Bench (Raw) 300 Touch and Go & 300 Paused
Bench (Gear) 440, 455 2 Board, 500 3 Board

Deadlift (Raw) 455
Deadlift (Gear) 515 (Gym lift)

I am still currently training for the non sanctioned ICG Bench Bash on June 20th. I hope to hit
Opener 405
2nd 420-430
3rd 430-450

545x1 Titan NXG Briefs & Knee Wraps
(Best to date was 491 in an Inzer TRX, Groove Briefs, & Knee Wraps)

Week 2 Phase 3 ICG Bench Training (Shirt Work)

6/17/2009 Conditioning

15m Treadmill 7.0 Incline @ 2.5mph
Diesel Crew Shoulder Circuit
Panora Pushdowns 2x25
Standing Abs

Nothing much right now. I am starting to feel better and better every day. I am ready for the meet.


This should be a very good log,

How long have you been lifting raw/in gear?

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
This should be a very good log,

How long have you been lifting raw/in gear?[/quote]

Raw I honestly trained like a bodybuilder for a few years. I liked it, but started a small powerlifting cycle to gain a bit of strength and muscle. I loved it. I then turned to the Westside Barbell methods that were once published in Muscle and Fitness a few years ago. The gains I made were insane. I put on more muscle in a few months than I ever did bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding 180lbs @ 8% bodyfat = 166lbs lean (4 years training)
Powerlifting 236lbs @ 21% bodfat = 186lbs lean (2.5 years)

I know that I have gained some fat, but I will diet a bit then gain it back, diet and gain. Last time I was at 236 I was 23.5% bodyfat = 181 lbs lean. That means I have gained 5lbs of quality muscle from my last diet.

My original raw totals before powerlifting (not the ones above) were (as a bodybuilder)
Squat 225x15 (got me my 28" legs which seem to be huge for a powerlifter)
Bench 225x1
Deadlift 350x6

I started getting into gear beacause I wanted to compete with the big boys. I neglected my raw strength for a while, but I am getting it all back now. I started with the worst least supportive gear and now I am getting into a bit more. I am only doing single ply though for now.

This week has been rough. I have been sitting around doing nothing, but trying to schedule out my next training cycle leading into the next meet. I thought I was going to do a raw meet, but things have changed once again. I swore that I was not going to do another geared meet for a while, but wanting to get my name out there I decided that I am going to compete at the Works Fitness meet. It is not sanctioned, but they are sending in the results to Powerlifting USA as well as pictures and posting the videos on Powerliftingwatch.com. I think this makes this meet a bit more worth while to me.

Just got in from Canton Ohio. I have to say that Jeff, Chane, and the rest of the ICG crew ran a great meet. It was fast and fun as hell. Every pushed everybody and made sure things went smoothly.
I just drove the 2 hours home and have to head out again here in a little bit, but wanted to post the results.

After a very short warm up due to taking a bit longer to get some sets in I put on my shirt to find out they were already into the 2nd or 3rd lifter in my flight. I was 7th. I took 315 to a 3 board and within 30 seconds took 365 to a 2 board. I grabbed my straps and headed for the stage

410 Opener - This was a 20 pound PR and I was happy as hell to get it. This is now becoming a weight I can hit on almost any given day.

425 2nd - Went by the plan and nailed it. It felt lighter today than any other day. I did mess up my lower back on this attempt though and had to go back to the warm up room and throw a ton of linement on it to keep it from spasming.

450 3rd - I am confident I can hit this, but not today. It felt light the whole way down and touched easy, but half way up it stopped. I need a lot more tricep work to get this right.

On to my next cycle. The first few weeks will be raw boards with bands/chains. This should fix that issue.

Check It Out!!!

Thanks again to Jeff, Chane and the guys. I could not have done it without the support. I plan on killing 450 in September.

Week 1 Phase 1 ICG Heavy Bench
Warm Up
300 Touch and Go Chart

Raw Boards w/ Monster Mini (70lbs @ Top)
Unracked and set all weights by myself, but had somebody holding the boards for me
4 Board - 135x3 (205)
4 Board - 185x3 (255)
3 Board - 225x2 (295)
2 Board - 245x1 (315)
1 Board - 255x0 (325)
3/4 Board - 255x1/3 (325) - (1 rep off 3 board followed by 3 reps off 4 in 1 set)

Panora Pushdowns 3x10
Face Pulls 3x10
Serial Killers 3x10
Abs in the PM

Bar felt fast and strong. I have to get used to 6 rep sets again though. The 3 weeks of reverse bands got me in the 3 rep range for sets. 6’s are hard.

Where are you at in PA? Also, what are Serial Killers?


[quote]DF85 wrote:
Where are you at in PA? Also, what are Serial Killers?


Hey man. I am a little bit south of Pittsburgh in Canonsburg. Where are you located?

Serial Killers are a move that I learned from a few Westside videos and Chane Cline at Iron Chamber Gym in Canton Ohio. You double up a band at the top of a squat rack (I use a purple band) and put a lat pulldown bar through the center. Take a wide grip where the bar angles and do pressdowns to failure.

My training partner and spotter never showed so I did this all solo!!

6/23/2009 Heavy Squat
Using the Ed Coan Competition Squat Cycle (Week 1 = 70%x5)

Warm Up
365x2 (Added single ply Titan NXG Legged Briefs)
(70%) 405x5 (Competition phase says stop here, but I was experimenting in my suit)
500x1 (Added Inzer TRX Straps Down. Not the suit I will probably wear, but I sold my Centurion so its all I had)
545x1 (Straps Up)
575x1 PR!!!

Leg Extensions 3x12
Standing Abs 3x12
G/H/R on Ab Board 3x6
Hyper Extensions 3x12

Great videos to come!

70% - 405x5


[quote]SouthofHeaven wrote:
70% - 405x5


Solid squatting! Do you like the Titan briefs/TRX combo?

Def. awesome lifting.

I am on the other side of PA, near Pottsville.

[quote]novaeer wrote:
SouthofHeaven wrote:
70% - 405x5


Solid squatting! Do you like the Titan briefs/TRX combo?[/quote]

Actually I am hoping to be able to afford a Titan Centurion sometime soon. I had one that I sold just recently and liked that a ton better. More rebound and snugger fit. The TRX is a great suit though. My only complaint is that the straps are really wide and I had to have them pulled up and stiched because Inzers gear always seems to be made for a guy that is 6" taller than me. The Titan briefs are the legged NXG briefs that come up past your navel. They are awesome for single ply gear. I definitly recommend them to anybody wanting single ply briefs. The combo is really good, but I would love to one day show Titan that I am using their gear and get a sponsorship. Its a long shot, but a huge goal of mine. APT would be nice too. I know personally a few guys that APT and Titan both sponsor.

[quote]DF85 wrote:
Def. awesome lifting.

I am on the other side of PA, near Pottsville.


That’s cool. What kind of lifting do you do? Are you in a band too bro?

All Straight Weight (2 guys were using the rack)

Floor Extensions w/ E-Z Curl (25lb) Bar
(Upper back supported by 6" HD Foam. This made stability a bitch and a huge challenge.)
75x12 (Outside Grip)
95x12 (Out)
95x12 (In)
125x8 (Out)
125x8 (In)

ICG Press (Modified JM)

ICG Rolling Press (These are hard when not using reverse bands)

ICG Pulldown 3x10
Side Laterals 2x10
Pec Dec (Sore Chest) 3x10

Anyway, onto the good news. The meet in September that we as a team picked is no longer the raw meet. It is now the Works Fitness Non Sanctioned Meet. Matt McCase is running it and it should be a good meet. There will be a head to head team challenge too. I now have 5 guys (including myself) and I may have a 6th to create a good team. I also talked to a girl at our gym that is pretty hardcore herself and covered in tattoos. She is going to create our team logo (or atleast a shirt design) for the meet. Hopefully this will make us stand out. As these next few weeks roll on I will keep this updated on their progress. All but 1 guy is doing the Ed Coan Peaking Program. The other is doing a modified Rippetoe Program.

Teammates Training:

Andy Papak - BW 175lbs Age 20 (Has about 8 yrs training under his belt)
Deadlift 385x2x5 (Easy as hell. This kid will probably pull 500 raw and completly natural)
My Estimated Totals for the meet - Squat 450, Bench 405, Deadlift 500

Adam Nozum - BW 171 Age17 (Major knee problem, but I am teaching him how to squat correctly.
Squat 335x1 (Has not squatted since knee injury in May. Only 2nd week back lifting since injury)
My Estimated Totals for the meet - Squat 350, Bench 335, Deadlift 435

Andrew - BW 183 Age 25 (Just started Powerlifting in May)
Squat - 325x3x5
My Estimated Totals for the meet - Squat 380, Bench 265, Deadlift 405

6/26/2009 Week 1 Ed Coan Deadlift Cycle
I already !@#$ed up and read the wrong week sheet. Week 1 = 400x1x2, but I did Week 6 = 450x1x2

Warm Up
(85%) 450x1x2 Groove Briefs/Belt (Accidentally did week 6 here @ 85%. Should be 75% = 400)

Added Titan Velocity
480x1 (Real fast and easy lockout)
500x1 (Real fast off floor, but I stuggle here with lockout)
545x0 (Fast as hell to a few inches above the knee, but I suck from there. I need help with this)
I am happy to say though I got is significantly higher today than last time when it stopped below the knee

Circuit 3x8
Chest Supported Row
Arched Back Good Morning (Bar set about mid to low chest height)

Abs in the PM

Even though today was a rough on I managed to make it through. It was humid as hell and I may have sweated off 5-10lbs or so. I am having trouble staying hydrated. I will hit a contrast shower tonight and be ready to bench on Sunday.

6/27/2009 Ass & Abs

Static Stretching
Glutes/Hamstrings/Low Back/Abs/Hip Flexor/Calves
Monster Stick
Foam Roll

Leg Swings Front/Back/Side to Side
Mountain Climbers
Lateral Band Walks w/ Monster Mini
Glute Bridge
Wall Squats BWx12 (Bar)45x12 EX. http://www.flickr.com/photos/elitefts/3563754330/
Lateral Lunges
Lateral Lunges w/ Touch
Upright Rows 3x12
Purple Band Pull Throughs (Walked far away from rack)3x12

I realized my deadlift problems this morning after sitting around thinking about how stupid it is.
#1 - My glutes don’t fire for !@#$ and I am having trouble getting my ass and hips through to lockout
#2 - When I stalled I held the bar statically as long as I could (about 7-10sec) and looked at it the hole time. WTF!! I know that if I look up my hips ALWAYS pull through. This is a huge part of the miss here. Stupid move on my part, but with a bit of coaching from some other lifters in the upcoming weeks I will correct this problem.

Due to needing to correct this issue I will hopefully be working on a Glute day every Saturday. It only took a few minutes with very little rest between movements. When I learn what comes next and move easily through it I should finish faster.