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Soft Tissue Hip Impingement


I went to see a chiropractor for chronic hip/knee pain when squatting or deadlifting that has limited my ability to train legs for several years. Initally the x-ray she took didn't show anythign abnormal but after several sessions she said I had a soft tissue hip impingement. She recommended traction and internal rotation stretching for it. I have looked online and have found lots of info on FAI but that is bone related.
Anyone else had any experience with this?


Be specific about the location of the hip pain. Is the pain in the front of your hips at the bottom of a leg exercise(like a squat) and do your hip flexors tighten up after leg exercises or is it something else? Do you have anterior pelvic tilt like donald duck when standing, or posterior pelvic tilt like the pink panther or a neutral pelvis? More details.