Smolov Squat Program

I started squatting back in mid November doing Stronglifts and went from around 185 to a 365 narrow ATG squat and a 385 low bar parallel squat (that was back in May, have been doing strictly ATG since then).

I didn’t make any gains this summer so far (or they’ve been minimal) since I’ve been working as a mover. I don’t have a problem squatting several times a week, I actually enjoy. I’m just wondering what kind of gains I can expect from Smolovs. On the Stronglifts website it says bigger guys (I hover between 210-220) can expect a 55 to 110 gain on their squat.

Also, post Smolovs I want to bring my Front Squat up and was planning on Front Squatting 4 days a week and Back Squatting on Mondays just to maintain or bring my BS up continually. I plan on starting that up a week after finishing Smolovs 13 week program.

With proper sleep, diet, and motivation is that all possible or am I spreading myself too thin? I’m not concerned with bench anymore (315 paused) simply because I’m not really interesting in powerlifting, I’m just working on shoulder strength and upper back strength in addition to Smolovs.

The Smolov Experience thread starts here, and I’d spend the time reading through it all before starting Smolov:

55 pounds (maybe more) isn’t an unrealistic expectation if your squat is currently 385 and you weigh 210-220. Its a mentally and physically demanding program but doable if you are in good shape and have plenty of time to spend sleeping and eating when you are not squating.

Read through the Smolov threads we already have, they are very detailed. Also bigger guys are usually considered in the upper weight classes, imo 220 242, 275, 308

I did Smolov last spring and took my squat from 585 to 620. Remember, It is a peaking cycle to though so I dont feel like you keep ALL of the gains, just MOST of them.

I would go more with youll gain in the 30lb range, which from 3 weeks of squatting is good, even if it was 15 lbs adding that in 3 weeks is fantastic.

Achilles, I agree mostly with what you are saying, except you are a lot stronger already so there’s less gains to squeeze out of you. I ran the full program as an over 40 (but relatively new) lifter and went from 385 to 455 (+70 lbs.) after the full program with a starting weight of about 215. I picked up about 45 lbs. just from the base cycle.

I’m talking about doing the full cycle, not just the base cycle. 70lbs would be a good gain and I’d be happy with that. I’m so close to 405 and getting to 455 by the end of it would bring me close to my short term goal of a 500 squat.

I wish the rest of the day would go by faster so I could spend more time under the bar.