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Sleep Disorder - Cortisol Levels


hey, i am a 37 year old male. i have had narcolepsy since i was around 15.

since i started to workout 4 years ago, my overall health has improved greatly. i went from 205 to a much leaner 185. i have researched weight training a great deal and learned from various sources including TN.

i was wondering if any of you have used home testing kits to test levels of cortisol? my sleep patterns are irratic and i used prescription meds to help. i also started taking a ZMA supplement right before bed to try and help also.

i still have some belly fat that i can't get rid of. cortisol might be part of the problems due to lack of quality sleep. any help appreciated.


I've used Diagnos-Techs ASI(Adrenal Stress Index) kit for 17 yrs.
It uses 4 sample starting @7AM,12PM,5PM,and around bedtime.
Works ok.
Dr. Tim
Diagnos-Techs phone,800-878-3787


Try this:

As soon as you get up in the AM, eat a meal containing protein.

Then go outside and walk for 30-60 minutes without sunglasses.

Eating and light exposure early in the AM help you reset your clock and sleep better at night.


Coltensdad, please educate me about narcolepy. That is uncontrollable and long bouts of sleep, right? Is that accompanied naturally by poor sleep quality or is the poor sleep quality brought on by drugs that you take for narcolepsy that reduce REM (and deeper) sleep?


i started having symptoms when i was 14 or 15. falling asleep in class, daytime sleepiness, and cataplexy which is loss of muscle control during stressful situations.

luckily mine did not progress much worse than that. some people can't drive cars or hold down a job. atleast i am able to lead a somewhat normal life.

people with narcolepsy lack a chemical in the brain that regulates sleep function. so it is sort of a self-perpetuating illness. low quality sleep at night and drowsiness during the daytime. i fall asleep almost instantly at night but i can't stay asleep. i wake up often, very often if i don't take a sleep med.

since i started getting in shape my sleep quality is better but i am always looking for the magic bullet to help me stay alert in the daytime and sleep better at night.


That's great advice.


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I tried Modafinil right after it came out. it gave me headaches so i did not like very much. i take Adderall in the daytime when i feel like i need it. another stimulant that i really like is BSN's NO-Xplode. i take it on the days that i do resistance training.

I have not tried the GABA (xyrem) at night. it certainly is an option. the long term effects worry me a little so i am going to wait a while until more feedback is available from users.


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sorry about confusing GABA with GHB. i wasn't paying close enough attention. you really sound like you know what you are talking about.

not sure about the NO-xplode. it does have alot of caffeine. if i take it on an empty stomach 1 hour before workout i get the really pumped feeling that it is supposed to give. i do find myself taking it even on non-workout days if i have alot of work to do or whatever. it is good stuff.

i really have not tried the dedicated NO products like Nitrix...maybe i should try one to see if taken daily it helps with wakefullness ? ?


That's interesting about the modafinil. I wanted to try it when I had CFS but was too tired to make the appointment with my doctor...