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Sled Pulls????

Hey guys, I have a question hopefully I can find what i am lookign for. I am an athlete in Calgary Alberta Canada and I am in search of a sled to do sled pulls with. It needs to be some what light cause I need to haul it into talisman and other facilites that have a track to do sled pulls for acelleration, I can weight it up when I get there. I have looked on-line and they are insanely expensive. I don’t know of anyone that makes them here in town so any ideas would be awsome.

Brutestrength.com sells the cheapest sled around but I have not used it personally.

Use an old peice of carpet about 4’ wide by 8’ long. fold it in half. Good to use indoors on gym floors or on grass. Usually free on garbage pick-up day. Shop early.


I just made my own from some scrap metal and had a buddy weld it up. Find a local weld shop, auto body place, or even a high school shop class. They would probably make it for you for incredibly cheap.

I had an awful experience with brutestrength around the holiday season. No one answered the phone, no one returned emails/faxes/etc. I have heard that they have sort of fallen off the wagon.

Try New York Barbell. I bought farmer’s walk implements from them, and they are top notch in addition to having great customer service.

Hey did you order stuff from them and it never came or you tried to order and just couldn;t get in touch with them?? My biggest concern is ordering it and then gettign screwed in the end. Have you dealt with New York barbell?

[quote]TNT-CDN wrote:
Use an old peice of carpet about 4’ wide by 8’ long. fold it in half. Good to use indoors on gym floors or on grass. Usually free on garbage pick-up day. Shop early.


what a brilliant idea. do you just hold it or attach rope?

I’d go with the local welding shop - can probably do it from scrap lying around for ~ $50. That’s what I’m doing in Ottawa. I won’t be using mine indoors but you could always attach some snap fasteners to it (like the kind used on boat covers) and the carpet for use while inside…

[quote]jov wrote:
Have you dealt with New York barbell? [/quote]

I have dealt with them several times. Had no problems. I bought all of my plates from them, and a few items like an ab bench and a hyper. Their equipment is ok, but some stuff is a little cheesy. customer service was good though.


I work out of Talisman and I know they have no sleds…they may even have an issue with you using one on their track. Are you a carded athlete? If so, there are several facilities in Calgary that have sled for you to use. If not, try and either build one or simply do them at home on your street and drag a big tire behind you. Looks funny , but does the job.

The absolute least expensive way to do it is to take one of those round plastic snow sleds (saucer). Cut a hole to thread a rope through, attached the rope to a belt or harness. You should be able to do it for less than ten dollars. Ir it breaks, buy a new one. Nice and cheap, but effective.

Fold the carpet in half and place the plates inside (or sandbags). If we use plates we run a piece of chain thru the hole with a carbiner. Attach 2 pieces of ropeto the chain, about 12’ long. They can be pulled with a harness, or fashion 2 rings out of 24" of old garden hose with some rope inside, or attach the ends of the rope to a bar and you can do all sorts of presses, rows, curls, even a hang snatch. Great workout. No end to the variations. Maybe you can get paid for cleaning the track as you pull this around it.