Single Moms!

Why are there so many of them?

The default answer is “because the men are deadbeats, hurr hurr”, but I find this unsatisfactory and unhelpful. After all, it isn’t the man who has the burden of birthing the child. It isn’t the man who has the option to terminate pregnancy.

Are women capable of discerning which men would be suitable fathers, and which aren’t?

Don’t women who have the ultimate say in who sleeps with them? So why not only sleep with the kind of guys that they would want to father their children…?




Part of it is sexual irresponsibility, i speculate. Of course i could be speaking out my ass.

Gee, I wonder if any of the men ever misrepresent themselves? Probably not, I suppose.

Why can’t a woman be more like a man??

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You seem to start a lot of threads subtly (or not so subtly) complaining about women.


The first genuine response to this thread was…

Can we not just hold everyone accountable for their own actions?

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He might be having troubles with his marriage. If so, I hope everything gets sorted out.

(I’m only speculating)

All the way up to marriage?

You know, because having babies out of wedlock is typically not advisable…?

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Why not focus on the things within your realm of control? Focus on being a good man. Focus on making sure your friends and family are good men. Bitching and moaning about women isn’t going to accomplish anything.


I was raised by a single mom. She worked two jobs and when my dad came by every couple of weeks to take us to court-mandated time at dairy queen, he’d ask us kids for money. Also asked us to call him grandpa when he brought his girlfriend so she didn’t know he had kids.

This man had 2 masters degrees and was a full-bird colonel.

My mom was a better man than my dad. Single moms need better support.


You do see the irony of this comment, right?

Sounds like it.

From who? In what ways?

That’s beyond my pay grade.

And I’m still waiting for coffee to brew, so shudyap.

Hey! Don’t talk to my buddy Andrew like that.

You should be drinking tea, not coffee you heathen!

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I like him too.

Fine. But because I want to, not because you told me to.


@tlgains @Brant_Drake
No worries, guys, its only a matter of time before someone calls me an incel or threatens to shove my head up my own ass for poking fun at fatties.

Oh, probably…

Well, you asked

Not everyone is capable of discernment. Too, people may start in the same place and grow differently - or fail to grow, as the case may be. Having children fundamentally changes women. Men, too, ideally. But not always. This is not a matter of discernment, but of disappointing imbalance.

You are the one laying all of the blame and responsibility on one side of the equation. My broken mother left, my emotionally stunted father stayed. You seem to think it’s simple, but it’s endlessly complex. There are a thousand things at play here. To your meme: only a fool thinks “women’s intuition” is failsafe. Particularly when there is deception everywhere, on both sides. The men who find out children aren’t theirs; the women who find out about long affairs or undisclosed previous children to whom their own baby daddy is a deadbeat.

Does anyone remember @HoustonGuy? Good looking fit single guy who had in his sexytime arsenal “almost” saying “I love you” to keep girls hot. He laughed about it on these boards. (Very distressing.) Anyone heard Eminem’s “Superman”? (NSFW)

And then there is the equality thing. Why would a competent woman tolerate an adult child in her home when she doesn’t have to, particularly when having to care for an actual child/children and work? Teenagers who have to be nagged to simply clean up after themselves are not desirable partners. Accountability. The ultimate say in who sleeps with them, but coming later than I’m sure she wishes it has. Discernment, finally, and a new start.

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This jumped out for me. I would listen to my parents fight and once my dad said “I feel like an 18 year old trapped in a 40 year old body.” And my mom responded “I didnt marry an 18 year old!”

Edit: I realize that is a clear-cut case of misrepresentation that you were talking about.