Singerman's Suggested Diet to Jason Genova

Beef, eggs mustard and water.

Protein, Fats and barely any carbs…

Looks like it is working for Jason, but i never have heard of the diet…Eat as much or as little as you want…


I think that in some cases, something as simple and even ignorant of specifed nutrient amounts can work. In this case, you’ve got an individual (Genova) who seems to have not only no clue what he’s doing, but no real plan,… ever.

If he were to continue long enough on the above suggested diet though, without any concern given to total calories ingested, then even without carbs, he’s not gonna be getting shredded, However, for an individual who most likely eats whatever, whenever, and most likely more than they truly need to be in order to cut up, well, it’s not such a horrible place to start IMO.

Eat nothing but grilled chicken and lean beef with only mustard as a condiment for a few weeks and see if you don’t lose a few lbs compared to a usual ‘whatever’ type of diet.


i know it is an old thread, but what do you guys think of this? need more feedback.

Basically what Stu already said.

A diet like this will help someone who eats a lot of garbage merely by eliminating some of that garbage. It’s unlikely to lead to sustained progress but could be good for a short “boost” in fat loss commonly observed in those that have never gone low carb and do so for the first time.

Eventually, it’s likely to lead to some nutrient deficiencies in the total absence of vegetables and fruit, so…yeah.

[quote]waelkd wrote:
i know it is an old thread, but what do you guys think of this? need more feedback.[/quote]

Stu’s thoughts are good. Same with ActivitiesGuy.

The first time I cut I literally only ate almonds, chicken, and eggs for 2 months. I lost a good amount of fat, but I was too stupid to count calories and grossly under ate. This “diet” reminds me of my experience.

ahh, ok understood.

Thank you

Seems like a boring diet, not a realistic long term plan.