Shout out to KSman

Brother, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Moved on to another site but I wanted to return once again say thanks to the man who helped me get my start.

I remember asking questions like “What’s an AI?” I had no clue about TRT but you took the time and had the patients with me. I just wanted to once again say thank you for helping me take my first few steps. You’re a credit to T Nation.

Thanks for your kind words!

You may have missed the new focus on thyroid function and the importance of iodine. [Sticky=Thyroid Basics]

I second that emotion!

KSMan, you are a modern day Internet hero. Not only have you shepherded countless hormonal shipwrecks foundering on the rocks of frustration and sanity, you exhibit grace and patience in dealing with many who often lack the capacity to be mentally on point to be able to understand the complexity of physiology. I have yet to receive my first injection, and I expect that getting things dialed in and finding relief will be something that might take awhile.

Yet, you have helped to empower me, and I credit you for instilling in me an attitude to know more than my doctor and not assuming he/she can help. The Hypocratic Oath is taken by many who often succeed in doing harm to their patients, and you have shown the importance of educating oneself.

Thanks for all you do!


Definitely, KS knows more about this stuff than any doctor I’ve ever met.

Dude takes his time helping others. Good cat in my book.

Just from learning from this guy I was able to find thyroid cancer in two people physicians overlooked possibly saving them.
Everything advanced I learned of medicine started in this corner of the interwebz.

Cheers to the man from Kansas.