Shoulder injury

I am suffering from a shoulder impingement on my left arm caused by lifting. Does anyone know of any particular exercises that would be useful to help build up my shoulder’s strength, especially in my arm’s adduction. I realize that this post is not as controversial or as interesting as HIT or religion, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

depends on the injury, is it a muscle strain? a muscle thats torn? tendonitis? ect… did you see a sports doc. yet? if not PLEASE DO. I have torn a cuff and it is NOT a good feeling (I had to change which pocket I kept ny walet in) for info on rehab it depends on the injury, if it is a cuff like my injury was I would say check out any and all books on rehab for baseball (they know more about the rotatorcuff than any other sport. please see a doc, if it is serious and you try to rehab on your own you COULD do permanent damage. peace

  1. Adres the impingement - see a chiro, massage therapist or ART practitioner and try to figure out what injury or strength imbalance is causing the impingement
  2. by adduction you mean bringing the arm down to your side??? If so, the chest and lats are largely responsible for this motion. I assume you mean ABduction, which is a lateral raise-type motion.
  3. although this is a very generic recommendation and may/may not help your problem, light sled dragging does wonders for ailing shoulders