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Shoulder Injury, Personal Experience?

I’ll try to include all information possible.

I’ve read a slew of articles on helping my shoulder pain, and it’s… Better-ish. But I completely rid myself of tendonitis (tendonosis? I had it for like 6 months) and a vast majority of back pain by asking people on forums, personal experience trumps all imo.

The pain is definitely isolated right around my “shoulder knob” and my flexibility is crap, which is what I’m currently working on.

In short, over head pressing is completely put of the question for me. Benching is usually okay, but I definitely start to feel pain at the 265-275 mark. I work at a plant nursery and definitely notice the most pain day to day when my arms pass horizontal (unloading trucks, or leaning over and pushing things). From what I’ve gathered it’s definitely related to internally rotated shoulders, but I’m not opposed to other possibilities.

So, from personal experience, can anyone tell me things they did that immediately suppressed some of the pain, as well as ultimately healed them?

Side note: 6’3" male, 210lbs. Started cold stretching every day for about 30 minutes a few weeks ago with massive overall improvement.

As someone who has had rotator cuff repair surgery (and put it off way too long), just go to a good sports medicine ortho. Stop guessing and get a diagnosis. It could be a number of things and torn tendons DO NOT heal themselves!

Second seeing a doc.

Also band pull aparts and face pulls. There’s a reason you see them in almost every training log here. They’re great for shoulder heath. Adding a bunch of these after I dislocated my shoulder falling through the floor really helped.

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Thanks for the reply guys, I work out at home, and I’ll have to snag a rope for my bench for some facepulls, I use to do them a bit, so I’ll start that immediately, and I actually Just purchased a band on a whim, so that’s in the works.

Only issue is my job doesn’t offer insurance and I can’t comfortably afford to get any kind of professional treatment. Believe me, if I could I’d be getting the works done, but for the time being I just need some at home advice.

If you do decide to go the othropedic doctor make sure you get one who is a good shoulder doctor, I have been through hell with recovery.

Based on your job combined with lifting, I’m not sure that you will get any relief. Those lateral movements can really aggravate your shoulders and especially your rotator cuffs if they are damaged. It could also be a bone spur impinging on your tendons.

I know what it feels like to have shoulder pain that doesnt go away. Only a good othor will probably be able to provide any relief.

Agree with @Basement_Gainz re seeing a doc, as well as trying face pulls and (especially) band pull aparts.

Does your ROM pain match that of this figure?

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I might see what I can do about at least getting a professional opinion, even if I don’t follow through with any physical therapy.

As for the diagram, the only time I’ll feel pain is if weight is involved. Just using my arm, moving it around like the diagram pictured, and otherwise, I might get a slight twinge around the top of the “painful arc”. Just a pinch, but that’s it.

Also is probably worth noting, it’s not the extending or pressing that hurts, it’s the lowering or release of weight where I’ll feel it

What injury does that image represent?

Pain in that pattern is classic for shoulder impingement syndrome. In lifters, it’s usually secondary to chronic irritation of the supraspinatus tendon rubbing against the acromion.

ABduction of the arm while it is internally rotated (eg, during lateral raises in the ‘water pouring’ position) is a common cause in BBers.


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Sweet guys, thanks. If nothing else, in the meantime, I can focus on this until I go get checked out. Band pull aparts and face pulls still a go to for self rehabilitation in this scenario?

Unless it actually hurts to perform the movement(s), in which case they should be avoided until you’ve been evaluated by a physician.

Hey just spent about 30 minutes stretching my chest, doing pull aparts from all angles, and some Sleeper stretches as well. Definitely took the edge off, I’ll reply in a week or two with any progress, hopefully it can benefit someone else if it works. Thanks for the input guys.