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SHBG Creeping Higher

Hi guys,
Haven’t been here in a while but have a question about my Shbg. I’ve been on TRT just about four years now and everything has been going well for the most part. I just had labs done and noticed my shbg seemed to be creeping up. I went back over previous blood work and it does seem to be getting higher. I am on 100mg/week split in two doses .25 mg of Anatraszole 2x week and 250 HCG 2X week. Below are my last 4 labs all taken on Wed morning with next shot due that evening. Just curious if this is something I should be concerned with or just keep an eye on also if anyone had any idea why it would be creeping up? for the latest labs hcg had not been taken in a week as I was traveling for work and don’t bring it. The only thing that’s changed is Ive added dhea at 20mg a day since the July labs.

                        1/16/19     Ref range   7/18/18   1/10/18   8/23/17 

Albumin 4.4 g/dl 3.5-5.0 4.4 4.5 4.2
TT 999 NG/DL 270-1070 905 1000 834
SHBG 50.2 NMOL/L 17.3-65.8 41.1 39.3 37.0
FT 182.7 PG/ML 42.8-169.6 184.6 212.2 183.1
BIO T 437.6 113. 1-397.7 442.3 519.5 419.6
E2 24.1 0.0-39.8 32.7 36.3 22.6

Sorry let me try to fix the lab results layout

SHBG fluctuates, there isn’t a static number you’d expect from each test, I’ve had SHBG as high as 30 and as low as around 14.

Why are you on anastrazole on 100mg T/wk, have you tried TRT without adex? Because in most cases use of adex with REPLACEMENT is totally unessecary. I’ve used up to 250mg/wk without adex.

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Albumin 4.4 Ref 3.5-5.0
TT 999 270-1070
SHBG 50.2 17.3-65.8
FT 182.7 42.8 169.6
BIOT 437.6 113.1-397.7
E2 24.1 0.0-39.8

TT 905
SHBG 41.1
FT 184.6
BIOT 442.3
E2 32.7

TT 1000
SHBG 39.3
FT 212.2
BIOT 519.5
E2 33.1

TT 834
SHBG 37.0
FT 183.1
BIOT 419.6
E2 22.6

Without the AI my E2 gets into the low 40s.

Are you symptomatic with an E2 in the 40s though?

Yes. Over the years with tests I feel my best right in the high 20s to low 30s. I have an appt tomorrow and I’m thinking about lowering my dose to 80 mg a week and see if I can do away with the AI though.

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Your Free T is above the ranges and as long as that is so, elevated SHBG levels is unimportant. SHBG levels fluctuate are aren’t static, lifting weights close to a blood draw will see an increase in SHBG.

Thanks for the info. Blood was drawn about two hours after lifting. I saw my doc today and I am going to drop my AI and see how it goes. I’ve been thinking about dropping it for a while and seeing how I feel. I think with a trough reading of almost 1000 tt I may be able to tolerate a little higher E2 number.

how long should i not lift weight for accurate shbg?

No lifting within 24 hours of labs.