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Share your Body Comp split/workout

I belong to a very little gym that does not have low cable (only pulldowns) nor lying leg curls machine (only seated). I want to start the body comp program for 4 weeks and would like to see other circuit type workouts for body comp… this of course, will help me pick exercises I can actually do at my gym. I am interested to know Poliquin’s original workout recommendations if anybody could post some of them. Viva Muscle Gain!

You could use the one listed in T-Mag’s Bowlful of Jelly article, but if you don’t have access to the right equipment, just substitute another exercise for the same bodypart. Poliquin recommends starting w. a 3x/week (MWF) program, then there’s a 4x/week for intermediates and finally a 5x/week for advanced. Personally I would find it very hard to do more than 3x/week. Too long to list on here, but it’s virtually the same as T-Mag’s plan.

Thank you for your reply TeddyKGB. Are each workout per week? Is it repeating workout#1 Mon/Wed/Fri of the same week, changing to workout 2 the following week M/W/F and so on…?

Want to make sure since I am not understanding that part. I only have one hour at lunch to workout… It seems like a lot of exercises to do under an hour. Do you do A1&A2 back-to-back-to-back before doing B1&B2 etc or do you do one set of each group before repeating. Wanted to know the mechanics of it. Would like to do the program the right way. Thanks for your help TeddyKGB.

You don’t do the same exercises each workout, although you will often be repeating muscle groups. a1-a2 not performed back to back, but wi.30-60 min. rest intervals. I would use the same program for about 3 weeks. Just go to previous issues and search for the Bowlful of Jelly article and all your ? will be answered. You could also order Poliquin’s Manly Weight Loss book (the original on GBC), but there’s not much info that will be more helpful than T-Mag’s plan.

Yeah, I’ve seen the workout and I will do same workouts for 3 weeks. In other words, all Mondays, I’ll do #1, On Weds workout#2, and Fri, workout#3. I appreciate your help on this Teddy, thanks a bunch. Viva bodyfat Loss! :slight_smile: