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Scariest movie?

I just saw Fire in the Sky for the 1st time without ffwd-ing through the part where the aliens put that blanket over the guy + the following 5-10mins (you know what I mean), etc & it was the creepiest most frightening scene I’ve ever seen. I’d seen it a couple times before & couldn’t watch that part. Another good one is When a Stranger Calls Back. I think that’s the original one where the murderer is calling the babysitter on the phone from INSIDE THE HOUSE (!!) btw Imagine what those movies would be like without any music!

Fire in the Sky was kinda unnerving for me. My all time fav scare flick is The Shining by Steven King

I meant When A Stranger Calls, the other one is the sequel & it’s not as good.

I found “The Serpent and the Rainbow” to be one of the movies that creeped me out the most. Also “Bully” and “Kids” are some dark, dark movies. Not really “scary” in the sense of making you jump or making your skin crawl, but it’s some pretty dark commentary on the youth of this world.

Sorry, but The Exorcist still gives me the willies. But for scary-gore, Hellraiser wins hands down.

Event Horizon kinda creeped me out.

I read “the Shining” well before I saw the movie, and, well, the booked kicked major ass over the movie. To say that the movie was a Stephen King flick is almost insulting. If you haven’t read the book, I strongly recommend it. Good stuff. The only good thing I saw in the movie was casting Scatman as Mr. Holleran.

Great thread…I’m a huge horror movie buff; however they just don’t make any good ones any more. I loved “The Shining.” You mean the book is even better? I’m not much into reading, but I’ll have to check it out.

Yeah, The Shining was a definite great read. One of King’s best - a horror masterpiece. Another movie that provided a disservice to a written masterpiece was Ghost Story. The book by Peter Straub is my all-time favorite scary book. I still read it at least once a year.

I am a Stanley Kubrick fan and feel that while The Shining wasn't as good as the book, I liked what Kubrick did. The movie still had a aura of eeriness to it.

the blair witch, scream, and pschyo freaked me out the first time i saw them (although 2nd and 3rd sucked.) i want to see rob zombie’s “house of 10,000 corpses” on halloween. that looks really freaky. oh yeah even though i didnt see it, i heard spice world was scary!

I much prefer the film (Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining) over the book. I do prefer using the term “creepy” over “scary” in this case with The Shining. Not only is there sucha great deal to understand in the film but the atmosphere is just plain CREEPY (not to mention sardonic humor as well).

Don’t know the full name, ‘…Ya Ya sisterhood.’ First movie that ever made we want to scream for mercy and wet myself.

The first Alien movie. I saw that three times in the theatre and even though I knew what was going to happen to the captain when he went in that access tunnel I still jumped. Hellraiser is probably one of the creepiest movies ever made. I own both Hellraiser 1 & 2 and I have to watch them by myself, wy wife cannot handle them. Another good one is The Hitcher. Very creepy.

“Lost Souls” with Winona Ryder actually freaked me out a little. I was alone with the lights out though but still… I hardly EVER get scared (from movies) but this one kinda did it.

By far the most scary movie I have ever seen is Home Alone 2 ‘lost in New York’, I hid under the sofa when the pigeon women appeared!, nah i’m just joshin!

O.k first up has to be Texas chainsaw massacre, really shocking stuff and no happy ending niether. But the most shocking film i’ve ever seen has to be the Omen, made in the 60s but I you can forget about coppin z’s for at least five years!

I’m totally serious when I say all you scary movie buffs must see the Omen beacuse it burys the Excorcist for me and is a million times more scary. Beg, borrow or steal a copy guys, i’m double daring ya to see this movie and when you do you can reply to this thread at 4.15 in the morning when you can’t sleep!

One of my favorites is watching “The Thing” by carpenter in the dead of winter, on a cystal clear night, with it freezy and a couple of inches of snow on the ground. Its an oldy, but goody.

the thing was was great, the shining, event horizon was sweet, the haunting an old 50’s movie was definitley creepy, the new version with catherine zeta wasn’t too bad but the old black and white is more creepy, kids is an ugly movie, not scary but deeply disturbing, alien and aliens are classic probably my favorite especially if you haven’t seen them for awhile. the others was kind of cool in the theatre. house on haunted hill wasn’t too bad either, fun cheap scares, not in a league of some of the others though.

Event Horizon messed me up for a few nights. Just thinking about it creeps me out. The gothic decoration of the ship was itself unnerving…shudder…

Cyman: I was going to reply with the intent of telling everyone about Event Horizon. Holy fuck that movie scared the living shit out of me. When i saw it in the theater girls were grabbing their guys and making them leave.

I thought “the cell” was pretty evil.