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Say No to the Swine Flu Vaccine?


What do you think, getting the shot or not? My government went public today, recommending that everyone take the vaccine. They have ordered two shots for every citizen in Norway.

Edit: My oh my there are many conspiracy theories out there O_O


From what I have seen, the mortality rate for those not already sick with other conditions is no higher than the regular flu.

That being, rate per persons having the flu.

So far as overall mortality among already-healthy persons, this swine flu is a drop in the bucket compared to regular flu.

As for myself, I don’t believe I’ve ever had the flu at all except one time at age 8. If I have gotten the flu at any time since, it was mild enough as to be indistinguishable from a cold, never having the characteristic signs of body aches or exhaustion.

And I have no other illnesses.

So for me there is no reason to take it.

When I’m sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead.

True story.

Where we are, I do not fall into one of the priority classes, so there is not enough vaccine for me, even if I wanted to take it. I’ll just let my own immune system handle it, if I get sick.

I’m not weak, I’m not unhealthy, I’m not scared, I’m not irresponsible. My immune system is primed and has no reason to inject shit that could derail it from it’s current functioning.

I am from Argentina.We suffered the swine infection last winter.The number of deaths was less than past years (caused by the normal flu.I am against the vaccine,it is just a very good chance of easy earnings for tha laboratories.

I have had the flu once in my life, and it happened about 10 years ago; the only time I have ever gotten a flu shot. I don’t think the flu shot caused it, but I do not see the flu shot as a necessity for myself. A lot of people are sick in my area right now and all of the schools, except colleges, are closed for a week. I think some people are overly paranoid about this flu strain and if they want to get the flu shot then good for them.

Flu vaccine? Hell no. I’ve had flu - I lived. It’s not pleasant but I’m healthy enough to survive it. And I like to think, healthy enough not to catch it in the first place.

There are so far 10 people that have died from swine flu here, and some of them were young and supposedly healthy. I heard an estimate of 500 deaths among our population, which is around 5 million I believe. These things tend to get blown way out of proportion though.

As for me, I’m not going to take it. I haven’t been sick once since I started training and eating right.

By the way, did anyone check out that link I posted? A Biotest lab is mentioned at around 7 minutes into it. lol

I’m not going to take it unless forced to. The whole issue is blown way out of proportion especially with the mortality rate being less then the regular flu (I find it funny that the media doesn’t report on that more). Basically I just don’t trust something that is being handed out en masse when there has been less then a year of studies on it. I mean come on - for those of us in the U.S. how long does the FDA require testing for some new food product? Why is the same not being applied here?

On another related note, has anyone heard about the use of thieves oil as a prevention for getting sick (H1N1 and any other bugs)?? Thoughts? Experiences?

I had it, and lived.

Know someone who just died from it though, who was otherwise healthy.

I am always wary of when something is rushed and then “strongly reccomended” by someone with authority. It’s an emergency, we didn’t have time to test this it was too urgent, hurry, stick it in your arm, hurry before it’s too late… Uhhhhhh, I think I’ll pass actually. I know 2 people personally who have only EVER gotten the flu after thier first flu shot, one of them an elderly chap has had some form of respitory infection ever since, and that was 3 years ago. Plus if you look at some of the horror stories out there on the web, conspiracy theory or not, I’ll take my chances without it.


If everyone else in your country gets it, you won’t need to :smiley:

Actually according to Wikipedia (I know, I know…) the WHO update for October 11th, 2009 stated that there have been 399,232 recorded cases worldwide with 4,735 deaths. Thats a 1.19% death rate for H1N1 sufferers, which is fairly high for an influenza strand. As was mentioned earlier its real threat is for people who are already in the “high-risk” catagory. Corpus Christi recently got a limited supply of H1N1 vaccines and the city stated that first-responders will be first up. I guess that means I get it whether I want it or not then…

[quote]Rocky2 wrote:
If everyone else in your country gets it, you won’t need to :D[/quote]

Norwegians are huge sceptics by nature. I would be very surprised if even as many as 50% of the population takes the vaccine.

[quote]Amonero wrote:
I had it, and lived.

Know someone who just died from it though, who was otherwise healthy.


That’s the scary part. Young and otherwise healthy people can die from this, and very rapidly as I understand it.

What is messed up with the Swine flu in this strain and historic strains is it will often kill more completely healthy individuals than normal flu strains. The theory is that the immune system is actually too healthy and the body overcompensates and actually attacks normal cells. So what is dangerous is that the normal risk group doesn’t always apply when it comes to deaths for the swine flu.

A good portion of the deaths that make the media in Southern California are about the completely healthy 20 something year olds that die in just a few days displaying almost no symptoms.

here is a link to a historic H1N1 flu pandemic that explains the phenomenon.

I think I would go further and rather than say “its real threat is for people who are already in the high-risk c category” say “Its threat is almost entirely to those who are already suffering from other illness or otherwise compromised.”

While I don’t have specific statistics to give you on that, a week or two ago I did read statistics for what is the situation here in Florida. Almost every single case leading to death was of a person who was already seriously ill with something else. I don’t believe a percentage was given because I would have likely remembered it, and I didn’t calculate it on the spot from the numbers given, but it was on the order 98-99% of “swine-flu-caused deaths” were of people already sick.

There were extremely few cases of healthy people here (I mean, healthy upon contracting it) dying of it. A handful if even that.

I’m not so worried about this strain, but historically H1N1 flu’s tend to mutate and turn into something way more deadly, kill a ton of people and then mutate into something not deadly and kinda vanish.

I sure hope our modern day medicine is up to the challenge.

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