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Satriani: Super Colossal


Picked up the new Satch CD this week.
AWESOME as usual for Joe! Another testiment as to why he is THE best!



I love Satch, especially his older stuff. I wasn't crazy about Engines Of Creations, though, it was a little weird for me. I'll definitely check that one out, thanks!


YW and I agree with you on Engines. The tour with that one however was incredibly good!



I'm gonna have to check the new one out. I love all his other stuff. "Surfing With the Alien" and "The Extremist" are my favs.


Those all some of his best!
Check out the title track...Red Shift Riders and One Robots Dream...my faves thus far!



You can listen to the album and various other things over on his site at this address:


It's one of his better albums in a long time, although I quite enjoyed "Is There Love In Space?". This one I found a bit rockier/


I like the track Redshift Riders, but that is the only one I heard besides another on his Myspace page.

He has got a kind of Surfing with the Alien vibe to that track back, looks like the album is great, when I get hold of a copy.


Love in Space is a great CD.
I may have to travel to see his tour this year. Little Rock sucks when it comes to quality concerts. Eric Johnson is opening up for him on the upcoming tour.


Eric Johnson is another great virtuoso. I saw him in concert at the House of Blues in NO a few years ago. He put on a damn good show. And "Ah Via Musicom" is one of his best.


Oh, yessshhhhh.....

I saw him in Vancouver with Stevie Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. The three of them seemed pretty much poised to take over the world with their hot licks and shredding escapades.

Haven't heard his new stuff though.


He does good stuff. So long as he doesn't try to sing. Guitars = Godlike. Vocals = flat as a pancake.


You've heard him sing too huh, hahaha.


The G3 he did with Yngwie featured a not too bad Satch vocal on "Rocking in the free world" but overall he should steer clear of the mic.

I was interested to read in Ian Gillen's autobiography that Satch did the Japanese leg with Deep Purple one year when Ritchie Blackmore dropped out again; would like to hear his take on the Purple classics.


This may very well be, but doing a "not too bad" version of a Neil Young song is no real feat, IMO. :smiley:


Haha, so true. Young didn't have a stellar voice either.


I was a big fan of "Flying in a Blue Dream", but I haven't heard any of his new stuff. I'll have to check it out.


If you like "Flying" then I bet you would like his last few CD's. On the latest, he goes back to what worked real well in the past: playing the guitar AND bass tracks!...doin ALL the dishes!


I saw the three of them too! Insane! I liked Satch and Malmsteen more than Vai...at least as far as melody goes.


On a semi-related note, Stu Hamm (bassist on some of Joe's albums and the G3 tours) has put togther B3, the bass version of G3.

It includes Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Talas, and David Lee Roth w/ Steve Vai) and Jeff Berlin (Bruford, Allan Holdsworth).

They did the East Coast and Asia earlier this year and are supposed to do the Western and Southern U.S. in 2007. Keep your eyes peeled.


I saw Billy with Talas warming up for Ymgwie many years ago. It remains one my concert highlights.

Dig this:

Billy in Japan with Mr. Big.


Personally, I like Vai more than Satch.

Overall I am kind of split between Marty Friedman and Vai.

Friedman is just awe inspiring melodically.