Sanity check on rice calories

I have this rice I bought and I’m wondering if the calorie count is accurate as it just seems so far off what I’ve seen elsewhere. They claim is one serving is 60 calories and I’m wondering if they had a typo. Something like 160 seems closer to the truth. What do you think?

It’s Iberia, yellow rice, Spanish style. When I Google it I get the same as the stuff in front of me, but I’m assuming the aggregator sites around the web are just pulling the information from each other. Thanks and let me know if you need any more info!

Edit to add: this is uncooked, and reasonably sure the nutrition info refers to uncooked mass as well.


It comes uncooked in the jar, and also using the weight measurement x number of servings lines up (45g x 34 = 1530g = 3.37 lbs).

That’s like an 1/8 of a cup, right? I could buy that.


The sodium content tells me this is not just rice. So I looked it up. I believe this is the ingredient list, hence the added calories.

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It’s uncooked. Water just adds bulk. In the US all ingredients have to be listed in descending order by weight at the point of purchase.

So that’s a couple of tablespoons maybe?

I went down a rabbit hole of rice research and 45g of rice contains 2240 grains.


Yeah 1/4 cup from what I found. Other rice seems to be 160-180 per quarter cup.

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No opinion on the rice.

This “rice” really needs a sanity check!

Content of that rice is MSG, Yellow 5 etc! Dump this shitty rice immediately due to artificial poisons it contains and buy a normal “clean” rice. Just salt and curry is enough to make rice taste good.

In this kind of product that is full of arificial stuff the count of calories is the least important thing. Most important thing is aim to get normal, clean food without any extra futile additives.

I have made a big change to my rice eating habits by switching it to bulgur and buckwheat. Bulgur is a whole grain that tastes just like white rice and cooks just as quick but has just as many/more nutrients than brown rice! Buckwheat in the rice cooker is great with meat dishes, having some tonight with a chicken breast.

I understand wanting some flavour with your rice though, so what I do personally is put a bit of a beef/chicken/pork stock cube, salt, pepper and Badia/Goya seasoning in the water in the rice cooker just before switching it on to cook and it comes out fine for me.