Sandbag GPP


I don’t post here usually. I stil consider myself a T-Nation newbie so I just lurk and learn. I can’t remember anything in particular, so I hope you can help me out.

I just bought some sandbags for the purpose of GPP work on off days. Can anyone recommend any specific exercises for sandbag work?

thank you

CT mentions a bunch of things in his 13 questions article last week, Basically its various ways of picking the bags up caryying then, over hand under hand on shoulder, over head bear hug, run, walk. throw, etc.

Mix it up

Anything you can do with a barbell or dumbbells, plus other neat stuff like throws and hand-to-hand tosses.

If you use smaller bags loaded into a big duffel bag, the options are much higher.


This article should give you a couple ideas.

I like to combine them with other things like burpees, sled dragging, punching a heavy bag, etc.

One that I heard of that sounds tough, but have never tried:

Take your bag and pick it up and put it on a pedastal, the bed of a pick up truck or something, then grab it and put it back on the ground. Do a set number then switch sides. I think Poliquin wrote an article on this, possibly here in the archives.