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Sample Grow Bars

I received my sample grow bars yesterday and i have one thing to say…DAMN!!! I first ate the chocolate because i really like peanut butter and i wanted to save the best for last. When i first bit into it i was truely shocked. i expected them to be good because i knew that the people at biotest wouldn’t ship anything that didn’t meet their expectations, but HOLY SHIT! The chocolate one was by far the most moist protein bar i have ever tried. You really couild not tell it was a protein bar. It tasted a lot like a moist chocolate fudge bar. I am not a big candy bar eater , but i swear to god if someone were to put ANY other chocolate candy bar and the grow bar in front of me and not tell me what each of them were i really would choose the grow bar over any other candy bar in a taste test. I was going to wait until later to try the peanut butter one, but after tasting the chocolate there was no way in hell i could wait. i ripped that package open and scarfed that one down too. the peanut butter one was also incredible tasting. it was a little harder than the chocolate, but i guess that was because of the peanut butter. The peanut butter taste was so much like a Reese’s it was almost scary. it was covered with a thin layer of chocolate, but i think if there was a little more chocolate and less peanut butter it would be extremely hard to tell it apart from a Reese’s besides the fact it was a bar and the shape was different. Overall i think if you like peanut butter than the peanut butter grow bar blows all of the other peanut butter flavored protein bars away, but i don’t think i would actually choose it over an actual candy bar in a taste test. For all of you other T-men that recieved the samples what did you guys think? Also i got some questions for any t-mag staff that may read this. First , When can we expect them to be available to actually buy? Second, How much of the fat is saturated fat? Third, in the letter that came with the samples it said i should have gotten an email questionnaire about the bars, but i haven’t got one yet? And last, is the protein content still 60% casein, 40% whey? Sorry about the long post. Once again GREAT job to the people at biotest that made this bar.
P.S. if you have any more samples that you don’t know what to do with that are just laying arouund taking up valuable space (especially chocolate) feel free to send them to me, i will gladly “dispose” of them for you.

Shit, where do I get my sample Grow! bars!!!???

I recieved my sample Grow Bars yesterday (11/24/00). WOW…they are awesome. I have tried alot of the other protien bars or mealreplacement bars on the market(pretty lousy). Biotest has done it again , they taste too good. Especially the chocolate. The peanutbutter is good also, just not as moist. But still good. Keep up the good work and thanks for the free samples.

Funny thing just happened. “Joe” just tried to post a really nasty letter about how the above message sounded faked and referred to the “VIP assholes” and their free samples. Although “Joe” was acting like a prick, I wrote him a note and told him I’d give him some free samples so he could judge for himself. Guess what? He faked his e-mail address so he didn’t get the note. Too bad for him! Maybe we’ll do an online “Dog Pound” soon and I’ll give away a box. Just not to Joe. :slight_smile:

Well I am quite literally eating my sample grow bar right now that I was fed-exed. I’m eating the fudge one right now, and have to say I’m pretty impressed. It is really chewy, soft, and moist, better than the other protein bars I’ve tried of this flavour. Honestly, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s as good as a nice fattening hershey bar or other candy bar, but it is pretty damn good for a protein bar, definitely enjoyable to the taste buds. Haven’t yet tried the Peanut version, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty damn good too.

I too would like to thank Biotest/Testosterone for the free samples. Like most, I have found that the chocolate fudge is very soft and moist while being quite tasty. The peanut butter is not far behind! However, I have always been of the mentality that if it is good for you, taste is only an added bonus. So for me, if the bars contain what Tim says they contain (and I am sure they do) then that alone is enough for me. But since Biotest is mainly looking for feedback on the taste, I would have to say that the chocolate fudge is as good as any bar I have tasted. However, if the peanut butter version could be a bit more “fluffy” in texture it would be every bit as good. I personally like the texture and taste of Met-RX’s Pure Protein Bar in Chocolate Peanut Fudge. The inside tastes like it is light and whipped while being wrapped in chocolate. If the Biotest bar can achieve this texture then in my opinion it will taste as good as any bar out there. To me all of this is irrelevant, though, because as I said earlier it is what inside the bar that counts most. Hope this critique helps!

At first, I was jealous that everyone had gotten sample Grow bars. When I got home yesterday (11-27), I had a small package from Biotest waiting for me. I was quite happy!

Well, I decided to try the chocolate bar today. Not bad at all! I was quite suprised with the chocolate taste. My initial thought was of one of those fudge brownies that they used to serve with school lunch. I wouldn’t say it tastes like a Hershey’s chocolate bar, but it is still good. The sweetness is just right.

It was very soft and moist. It was easy to tell it was a supplement bar because of how chewy it was. Most bars will make your jaw sore from chewing on it. The Grow bar is similar and has the rough texture to it once you are chewing on it. But it’s not bad.

I've had the Myoplex bar and it doesn't come close to the taste, texture and moistness of Grow.

These things will be a hit, and I’m sure I’ll buy some for a quick and easy snack while I’m at work or on the go.

I’ll try the chocolate peanut-butter bar tomorrow and tell you what I think!


Think you folks at Biotest could whip up a nice bar with 50g protein and 100g high-GI carbs for my post workout meal? Probably be as big as a loaf of Wonder bread and cost me $10, but I’d kill to be able to find such a product. But, I think I’m just dreaming…

I am with Maclar…can I have a try??? I thought I was going to get a sample…but none has arrived. I rush home everyday to check my mail!!!

OK - so these bars are good. Excellent. The real question is, are they going to be available in Australia? Currently I have the choice of eating soy-central or hooves-on-the-go. In fact - are any Biotest products going to be available over here any time soon? These real bars sound fantastic.

THE BARS WERE GREAT.i used 2 eat a lot of the balance bars;p-nut/choco.but soy is the main protein.ive been trying other bars recently & me &my wife laugh @ how hard,dry or strange the after-taste is in all of them.the best part though is knowing exactly what you are getting in a biotest product.no hidden carbs ie.the bars are delicious ;thanx biotest

Well, I’m snacking on the chocolate peanut butter flavored Grow bar, and unfortunately, I’m not as impressed with the flavor, texture or softness.

Before I bit into the bar, I could smell the peanut butter, but it doesn’t have much of a peanut butter taste. In fact, it’s pretty similar to a balance bar in the same flavor. I think their needs to be more peanut butter flavor.

Also, the chocolate peanut butter isn’t nearly as soft. Actually, it is like most of the other bars on the market. And the texture is more like all the other bars. It has that “grainy” texture. It’s rough on the tongue and throat.

It's not bad compared to the other bars on the market. In fact, it is very similar to the other bars in taste, texture and hardness.

So Biotest gets two thumbs up on the chocolate flavored bar. The chocolate peanut butter gets two half thumbs or a so-so.

Maybe a little more flavor can be put into the peanut butter bar. And if possible, make it a little softer inside. Either way, both bars are still going to be the best thing out there. The chocolate is better than anything on the market. And the chocolate peanut butter is equal to what is out there now.

'nuff said.

Have 3 shirts and noooo bars…thanks guys…

matt, don’t feel bad. Only 50 people were given a chance to try the bars. In a previous BTS, Tim asked people who were interested in being “samplers” to send him some contact info.

Also, it was only available for VIP's (anyone who subscribes to the printed version of T-mag). So some of us were the lucky 50!

So, for you lucky 50, do the bars give the nutritional breakdown & ingredients? If so, could you tell us what it says? I’m sure I’m not the only one out here waiting anxiously to get my paws on those babies!

The bars we tested were approximately 60 percent of the actual size. The full size bars will have the following macronutrient breakdown:

Protein (43% by calories)…35g

Carbohydrates (35% by calories)…28g

Fat (22% by calories)…8g

So they will be high-quality compared to everything else. Also, Tim said the bars must contain at least 35 percent of calories from carbs in order to make these things chewable. Many companies hide the true amount of carbs.

Hi, I’m Warren and this is “Coffee Talk”, can we tawlk? I just tried the new chocolate fudge grow bar and I have just two words, “Like butter!”, I’m getting a little vehclemt, gimme a minute, talk amongst yourselves, I’ll give you a topic: the new GMC Aztec. Autobot or Deceptacon? Discuss…

Seriously, you guys hit the mark with the Chocolate, but I agree with the other posts in saying that you still have some work to do on the Peanut Butter one. Its too dense and too dry. If you gave it that “old fashioned peanut butter” taste or just steal the Reese peanut butter cup recipe then you’ll have a winner.Kudos on the chocolate, but when will we see some other flavours of powdered Grow?

You guys must have never tasted a candy bar if you think these bars taste like anything more than a better protein bar. They were decent but the taste didn’t blow me away like Grow did when I first tasted it. Biotest did make a better tasting protein bar but it’s not something I will look forward to eating. It is just quick and easy and I don’t have to choke it down. I personally like the taste and texture of the peanut butter bar better than the choclate. In my opion, these bars are the way to go until they make a protein bar that really tastes like a candy bar.

Dan – Well, I’m a candy bar junkie (Twix, Reeses, M&Ms,…) and the Grow! bar samples I had were comprable in taste to many candy bars. No, they aren’t exactly the same as a Twix (my favorite), but they still satisfy my sweet tooth. The chocolate was my favorite, but that usually holds true for anything chocolate. The peanut butter reminded me of candy made with real peanut butter – not the fake stuff. Certainly better than any “nutrition” bar I’ve tasted, and I’ve had every protein bar that I’ve seen. It’s kind of my hobbie to taste test MRPs, protein powders, and protein bars (as well as candy, ice cream, pizza, and beer.)

GMC Aztec? Gotta be a Deceptacon cause nothing good could look that bad. Hey, I didn’t get any bar samples either, but I can’t complain, I was one of the lucky 50 to test drive Ribose-C before it was released. That was way back in early days before the wonder and glory of what is now known as The T-mag Forum. Much thanks to all of you guys for immediately posting your taste results for all of us to salivate on. Let me just reiterate that taste is the most important aspect when choosing a protien bar. However, let us not be ungrateful or forget that with the coming of the Grow! bar we are also getting a bar that finally has an ideal protien ratio and a bar that will consistently meet label claims and openly list macronutrient grams/percentages. If taste were of absolutely no concern, what other bar could boast everything else that the Grow! bar can? I hear that the new Porsche SUV may be following in the ugly footsteps of the Aztec.