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Roy Jones Jr.

If Roy Jones Jr. is not pound for pound the greatest (though I realize it is a rather arbitrary point), who the hell is??? I hope you all had the pleasure of watching him put on a spectacular show tonight. True, the opponent was suspect but still, when you knock a guy out with your hands behind your back it says something.

Body: That was something! As the commentators kept saying, his skills, speed and “boxing sense” are simply unmatched. (Dang…he puts is hands BEHIND IS BACK, waits for the guy to “come and get 'em” then knocks the brother OUT! That’s cold, man…REAL cold…!)

Another thing, Body…I didn’t realize that Jones held so many belts…hey…he holds more than the Original “Sugar Ray” who was the first “Best, Pound for Pound” fighter…

Yeah Roy Jones is good, but he has not fought any one good lately. I want to see him come down in weight to fight Hopkins, ( I know he already beat him once). But I believe Hopkins is an improved fighter and would be a good match for Roy now. Plus middle weight is a tough devision. And I always though Jones was a natural middleweight anyway.

I was very impressed with the fight so i did a search on the net as soon as i got home. Apparently some commentators and boxing know it alls dont think hes that great because he hasnt dropped or gained weight and fought someone tough. Apparently he has been fighting No hopers for ages and is staking in the light heavies because it make him look good. The people site Moorer and others that went from light heavy to heavy or a lighter weight group because they kicked everyones ass in there own weight group. Holyfield did that i think.
But regardless of that how talenented and fast was he.

Did you know he once played a pro game of basketball and defended his title in THE SAME DAY. Holy shit thats impressive.

He is good but i think he should come back down to middleweight. The light heavy weight is a pretty boring weight class, with the good fighters moving up to heavy weight. Before he goes back down he should swallow his pride and goto germany to fight Darius Michalczewski, And unify the light heavy weight title.According to fightnews.com that fight may happen this year.