Rob's Training Log

Ok so here I am. I’m making a log. I’m 17 years old I weigh 190 and im 5’10. I do mixed martial arts, boxing and I teach Tae Kwon Do. I have been lifting since April. I have been taking Tae Kwon Do since i was 12, boxing since 15, and mixed martial arts i just started in October.
My maxes on the three basic lifts
Bench 235
Squat 315
Dead 355

Yes my squat and Deadlift are basically really low but i never have a day where my legs arnt sore. The Tae Kwon Do and Mixed Martial Arts are probably related to this.
Anyway, my goal is to just get all around stronger. I dont want to put on too much more muscle because I want strength that is high related to my weight. This will help me out in competitions.

My diet has been fucked up recently. I’m gonna get back on track right after tomorrows superbowl. I’m not gonna be on any diet or cutting calories or anything I’m just gonna start eating a lot cleaner because i can feel McDonalds and candy are really taking there toll.

I’m doing this because I think if i show everyone my log it will motivate me, something that I feel like I have lost in the past couple of months.

So here it is guys my first day I have a MMA class to take. I will inform you how it was later. I will also post pictures and keep you informed.

WOW completly forgot that I made this thread. Not good at all. Anyway let me tell you how my week has been.

Monday: I took a boxing class. The class was pretty good working mostly on technique and a bit of cardio.
After this I felt pretty beastly and went to the gym with my brother. Monday was Back and Biceps. I did pull-ups with inverted rows.

I’ve never done inverted rows before so I wanted to try them out. Anyway, i did feel a good tension in my lats and my upper back when doing these. I then decided to do incline curls.

Chins: Bodyweight (190) 1x8 2x5 2x3
Inverted Rows with feet on a 12 inch box: 3x15 then with a 25 plate on my chest 2x10
incline curls: 1 set each 10 8 6 4 rep scheme
Usually i would do a little bit more maybe some face pulls and I almost always do deadlifts but today i was exceptionally tired from the boxing class.

Tuesday: MMA class then a conditioning class.
MMA: Rolled almost the whole class with a little bit of muay thai. Shoulder was in a bit of pain after this class i think because of the amount of kamoras that were done on me.

Conditioning class: This class is basic conditioning. Its basically HITT. Windsprints, running, push ups, core, ect.
Both of these classes were insane and i felt like going home and dropping dead.

Wednesday: MMA Rolled 3/4 of class and then ground and pound techniques. The whole class I go with a 175 pound wrestler who i would think I would be able to toss around but he knows how to use his body and puts up a hell of a fight. The whole class is in round of 3 minutes on and 30 seconds off. So your basically trying to submit or not get submitted for 3 minutes then 30 second break then right back to it. This goes on for an hour and 15 minutes.

Thursday: Chest and Tri
Very pissed with this workout. My shoulder was still in a little bit of pain from tuesday night so i didnt use maximal weights.

Bench: 145 1x20 165 1x10 185 2x5
Incline Dumbell: Lifted as fast as possible with 35 pounds for 20 reps. Maintained good form.
Flies: pyramid weight 10-8-6-4 25-30-35-40
Tri Cable Ext: 10-8-6-4 50 50 70 80

Today OFF!
Chest is sore and my shoulder is finally pain free.

Fuckin pissed that I’ve been not eating too well. I started teh week off good but the only cheating that happens is when I’m in school. Usually ill have something pretty shitty for lunch such as pizza or fast food. I’m gonna try and stop this by preparing lunch but its hard when we never have coldcuts in my house.

My sleep is basically going to sleep at 1 and waking up at 730. Then I’ll go to school and get out at 130. By 230 I’m home and in my bed passed out until 4. Then I go to work and teach Tae Kwon Do classes. I work at the place that teaches all of these classes so i get all the classes for free :D. Then i go and lift at another gym.

Sorry if it looks like i typed my life story but i figured i will get my schedule out there so you all know what I’m doin.