Ringing in My Ear, Help

Hello everyone,

I had before 6 weeks during my workout biceps curl spontaneous ringing on my left ear. I took a little more pre-workout. On my third repetition over 70kg I didn’t let the air and I think that I had high blood pressure. I train over 18 years and I am 34 years old. I went after few days to my ENT and gave me cortison. I took for 10 days already. Now after 6 weeks without training only little cardio I feel this ringing is here but little better. I take now B12, zinc, magnesium and I ordered already taurine. I can’t sleep without noise now. I feel anxious and I don’t know if this fucking ringing gonna go.

Did someone here had the same situation? I don’t lose my hearing after test and the eardrum membrane is also perfect.

Any advice here? I hope someday gonna go it’s own!!

Cheers Soto

I’m assuming they examined your ear and there was no build up of wax or anything like that? Did they mention tinnitus at all?

the doctor cleaned my ears already. I also did an audiogram and he told me that I have to be patient! I have this ringing already 6 week now. Today was little better. I hope it’s gonna go

welcome to the world of tinnitus. this can have about a million causes, and they might not be related to anything you’ve done. the more anxious you feel the worse this will get. you need to relax and find coping mechanism like white noise at night.
there is some clinics which can fit you with custom ear plugs which will emit customized white noise. i’ve done this but stopped wearing those, since my tinnitus is small and i learned to ignore it. the cost of this is 4k.

Thanks for your reply. Yes you have right can give a lot of causes. My situation is simple I think about blood pressure because it’s happend the time which I pull the wheights. I don’t know what I must to do. I sleep well everyday but this ringing I can’t accept it. I am on 6 and half weeks now. I hope someday goes on own it.

I had moments where my BP went to 200/100 (i know, not good), but it never made my tinnitus worse. you should track your BP and if its elevated chronically try some BP meds, a lot of gym buddies take telmisartan which is a good one.

I track already my BP but the doctor said to me I must don’t train for yet only cardio or swimming. Did you have tinnitus from BP or you have already hearing loss?

I have mild ringing in both ears, had it for quite some time. I went to an ENT doctor who did lots of tests and concluded mine is caused by hearing loss of high pitch sounds. Tinnitus will not go a way with BP meds, since I was diagnosed w hypertension last year and began using labatalol for BP, the ringing in ears continues. I have gotten used to this problem and don’t even notice it until I think about it. It always there and you need to deal with it. My whole family ( parents and all siblings) have it.

Thank you for your reply answer. I went already to my ENT and I had already over 4 times ear test. I don’t have hearing loss everything is ok but the ringing still here. My BP is fine. This time during my training I push myself to the limit I think that’s why came spontaneous. I don’t consume pill for my BP because I don’t have normally. The only problem was that I took for a long time booster with coffeine and maybe is a factor. I don’t know if it is gonna go or stay for ever but I think after 9 weeks now the ringing when I am outside is better and I can sleep with white noise normally. I miss the silence