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RevGenetics Metacucurmin vs Biotest Curcumin Complex?

Anyone have any experience taking both? Actually I’m still trying to figure out what the difference is between the two: 120mg of total cucurminoids with 99mg coming from cucurmin for RevGenetics, 500mg total cucurminoids but no stated amount of cucurmin for Biotest. I’m not sure its an apples to apples comparison. Also, Biotest has the piperin or black pepper for absorption.

I’m taking the RevGenetics and am also taking 500mg to 1,000mg of turmeric pills + 5,000 to 10,000 mcg of B12 (all after a fatty meal for absorption), but have taken many Biotest supps in the past and like them.

I’m trying to find an understanding of the differences in potencies of these formulas.

Do you notice any difference when you take one or the other?

I’ve only taken the RevGen curcumin product. Not the Biotest curcumin. I did notice a positive effect with it.

RevGenetics costs more for a smaller bottle. That’s one big difference. They also make a big deal on their site (which is rife with typos, never a good sign) about how you “get close to 277 times more curcumin compound into a woman’s bloodstream than standard curcumin supplements” and that it’s “as powerful as taking up to 23.2 grams of standard curcumin (Based On Women In University Study).” but they never actually cite that study anywhere I could find on their site. So I’d take those claims with a large grain of iodized salt.

It’s also either suspicious or simply bad planning that they don’t actually have the product label on their site. I had to go to Amazon to take a look at it.

Biotest Curcumin is 500mg turmeric standardized to 95% curcumin. So it delivers 475mg curcumin, with the Bioperine which is necessary for maximum absorption (which the other brand doesn’t have).

Long story short, Biotest is a more reputable company that delivers more curcumin for less cost.

Why are you taking extra turmeric in addition to the curcumin?

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Maybe hes eating indian food.

And using the turmeric pills for their crunchy texture? Could be.

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Thanks for the detailed post. As far as I know it doesn’t state 475 mg of cucurmin on the Biotest product label or the site. Where did you get that info?

I don’t understand the “up to 23g of cucurmin.” That’s a hell of a lot compared to the 99mg they claim on the supp facts list. It seems the MetaCucurmin is just their trademarked name for their product, and not a different ‘form’ of it. THey also state Super Cucurmin on the label.

I did see the claim of 277x into a women’s bloodstream vs ‘other’ cucurmin products, which I thought was a strange claim, like they are leaving out half their market.

I don’t see the typos you mention on the site, so other than the very high numbers like 277x and 23grams etc, the product doesn’t strike me as fraudulent or suspicious.

I do feel a lot better vs if I don’t take it. I’m taking it bc I have a shoulder supraspinatus tear, as well as a bicep tendon tear, both light to medium grade tears.

A buddy of mine recommended the cocktail to me. He said it worked well for his back problems.

Not very much indian food in my diet. I am starting to question taking the turmeric as well. Seems like taking a bunch of DHA and then loading up on a bunch of EPA on top of it…

500mg turmeric root standardized to 95% total curcuminoids.

More than a few throughout the page, missing punctuation as well as some spelling. Nevermind the odd choice for a Sporadic Use of Unnecessary Title Caps, or, again, the curious decision to not actually show the product label, specific ingredients, and dosages. A few that stood out:

“Their is no taste as you are getting everything in a liquid capsule.”
“increase it’s absorption dramatically”
“We recommend for to help fight “Inflammaging” and as one of the interventions in the aging, however most know that curcumin has the following benefits:”
“We apologize that we can’t answer this questions.”

A lot of the phrasing seems clunky, like a non-native English speaker wrote it. That’s not, in and of itself, bad but it’s not reassuring.

Gotcha. It’s a bit redundant and it’d probably make more sense to just take more of the curcumin supp, but it’s not like it’s a bad or dangerous idea.