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Reverse Grip for Injury Prevention/Rehab


Reverse grip (underhand/supinated) anything really.

I found doing some reverse grip bb rows was really teaching me to keep my shoulders back and down which I have a hard time doing for my bad shoulder.

It had Dr. diagnosed supraspinitus strain. It’s pain free the vast majority of the time and better than it has in the past, but function is a little impaired both mobility and stability wise even ~9 years after the fact.

I’m wondering if by not doing much of any underhand work for years can cause any sort of deficits mobility, strength, or stabilization wise.

I was also thinking of getting used to reverse grip bench press. I’ve had trouble with that movement before, but after some reading I think I just wasn’t holding the bar right or touching low enough since with that one it’s not uncommon for people to touch as low as the upper abs.

If nothing else, reverse grip bench press might be a work around?

Even if you don’t know anything about the particulars I mentioned, anything with regard to reverse grip work would be appreciated.



Dave Tate has an article where he says that powerlifters should do barbell curls because doing almost everything with a pronated grip causes an imbalance between your pronator and supinator muscles in your forearms. That can cause pain in the biceps, forearms, and shoulders.

I don’t like the idea of reverse grip benching at all, but some decent lifters do them. Reverse grip barbell rows sound like a good way to tear a bicep. Underhand band pull aparts might be a better solution.


Well, the only reverse grip movement I do is Reverse Grip pull up.
I recently add a lot of pull-up in my training,about 1000 reps per month, half neutral grip and half reverse grip.Only thing i can say is my arms and back grow faster than ever…
I actually suggest T-bar Row with reletively upright torso instead of reverse grip row.IMO,It also teaches you to keep shoulder back and down.