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Restarting Cycle to Increase Test

About 8 months ago I ran a cycle of Epi but stupidly ended the cycle without Post Cycle Support.

The results meant my test levels dropped very low, I developed some gyno and started to store more fat than I ever had before.

I’m now considering restarting a cycle but this time doing it properly, with the hope that my levels increase and a solid PCT at the end helps me maintain results, shred the gyno and help put me back to where I was.

I’d welcome your thoughts.


Please post some more info.

Height, weight, training history, and your most recent labs.

No problem.

Height: 5”11
Weight: 70kg
Train: weights 3/4 times per week. Cardio similar
Last labs: 10 weeks ago and had be in the 7’s for test levels

Don’t cycle at your weight. Cycling as a beginner to weight training in the first place was stupid, even with a perfect protocol.

Is it actually gyno? Hard lump under the nipples? It just fat?

If it’s actually gyno, you can try tamoxifen 20mg daily for 3 months.

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With were you are, I would skip the cycle and try running another PCT.