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What are Uni-Angular Tri Sets?

They are a triset (3 consecutive exercises for the same muscle group with no rest) all performed at the same angle. So this would be a uniangular triset, barbell bench press, no rest, dumbell bench press, no rest, flyes. See how it is uniangular as all of the movements are in the same plane. This would NOT be a uniangular triset but a multi angular triset (or just a tri set in most cases) barbell bench press, no rest, Incline dumbell presses, no rest decline dumbell presses,

If that definition holds true, then it is the most unproductive waste of effort I have ever heard of with a hint of Weider Principle tabloidesque fancy-schmancy name.

Im 98% sure that the definition is right. I also agree that they are a waste of time most of the time. They would have a similar effect to a dropset I guess, but I think that in general a normal triset (multiangular) would offer greater benefits. I personally dont really use any of these methods very often as I train more for strength. So low reps and lots of rest for me.