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Really Such a Thing as 'Newbie Gains'?


I wanted to post this at the beginner section initially but I honestly believe powerlifters can answer this question much much better than anyone in this forum. I used to powerlift before, so I think I know I can trust powerlifting. lol

My bench went up from 175 to 275 in a span of 4 or 5 months when I was a teen. I understand this may have been due to my freaky-youthy test levels but there were football players who couldn't put ten pounds in their bench no matter what they did. Granted, by "no matter what they did" I meant "all-things-not-powerlifting-related". When they did do something like powerlifting, however, they would do them with a moronic approach. You'd have 130-pound guys attempting to squat 275 pounds when their max quarter squat is only 250. They would do that every other day.

There's like this adage of "everything works for a newbie" but why was it that only I made real progress compared to my high school buddies? It's not like they were lazy. Ignorant, yes. Lazy? Far from it. They did 50 sets of curls a week.


I have a hard time understanding how you can call yourself a former powerlifter yet not know the answer to this question already.


Will I learn the answer once I finally bench 405?


So they did 1/10th squats and 50 sets of curls a week but they didn't get bigger and stronger? They must be hard gainers.


So once you hit 405 you will become one with the Universe?


No. I already became one with the Universe after I sold 50-pounds of my bench press for an additional 10-pounds for my front squat.





Troll face how cute...

So you have done a meet right?


Yes. Everyone else in my weight class used a belt, some even knee wraps, while I squatted 405 pounds mega raw and benched 275. Deadlift was only 425, but I could do more if it wasn't a three-lift meet.

I was technically a powerlifter. Treat me with the same level of respect as you would with Ed Coan, oh Mr. Fanboy.


Have you been day drinking? Is there a real question in this thread?


LOL! Yes treat the guy with an 1105 total with the same respect you'd give Ed Coan. These guys were just busting your stones and I was gonna give you a simple answer but go fuck yourself dude. Take a lesson with humility.


you're a dick.