For the last year or so, I have solely used Biotest supplements for two reasons- they work and they have what the label says, however the one supplement they don’t have yet is a good antioxidant. I was thinking of getting Radox by Syntrax, but wonder aboout the quality. Do you guys think Radox has what the label says and do you think it is a good product?

Syntrax has a horrible rep for fucking over its custumers. I don’t trust them with even an anti-oxidant. No telling what they put in it- or don’t put in it.

Twinlab makes a couple of good ones: Radical Fighters and Antioxidant Fuel.

I think Bill or one of the other T-guys actually said good things about Radox in a past issue. Use the search, see if you find anything. Why not just use a generic anti-oxidant, though?

I agree with Syntrax having a shitty reputation (and for good reason), but I recall Brock saying that Radox is a good product a while back. Can’t remember where, but he definitely said it.

I certainly have many, varied, and quite
serious objections to the individual running that company, but so far as I know this is a good product.

Solaray’s Antioxidant multi-plex seems to be a really good one for me. It is also very inexpensive.