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Quick Update from Thailand


Hey all, for those of you wondering about the scene in Thailand now, I just came back. While I wasn't doing 'hard' research, I did ask questions in a few pharmacies and checked out the stock in many others. Here's basically what I found:

  • Everyone had Anabol, with prices ranging from $53-$63 for a bottle of 1000x5mg. Lots had others brands of Thai d-bol as well; didn't ask the price on these but they said they were cheaper.

  • Most had Cetabon, bottles of 200x2mg stanozolol. Didn't ask about price since the dosage and bottles were not a great quantity.

  • Most had Deca, Test cyp, Drol, and that's about all I saw

    Now for the most surprising part - clomid and nolva were almost nowhere to be found. One pharmacist said it could be ordered from the hospital but he didn't stock it since it was illegal. The price on it was $25 for 30x20mg tabs, and $23 for 30x50mg for clomid.

I only looked in Phuket so I'm not sure if the prices were inflated for foreigners or not (since it is a huge tourist area). Anyways folks, just thought I'd get a little info for you all.

Incidentally, any pharmacy I asked about BD products like OT didn't have them nor know about them. Coulda been my accent as well :slightly_smiling:


I am I Thaland every month (I'm actually in the airport right now on my way to Thailand) and I can tell you the best place to go is TOP in Pattaya. They have almost everything including the PCT products.

Also you can get hGH and IGF-1 from there - only transport can be a little tricky.

There could be some new products there soon so will keep you posted.

If you want more details a send me a PM with your email address. Only those who are travelling to Thailand! I'll reply when I can.


In Pattaya right now.... best place for gear in Thailand.


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Have fun in Universe Gym...... and Walking Street. Get a soapy for me.


I agree, I live here :wink:

If you got nothing better to do, why not come out to Jomtien? My shop (Moose Divers) is on Soi 5, about 50 meters from beach road on the lefthand side. Could be fun to meet som more T-Nation people.



I can't wait every one has got really good words about Thailand, did u get what u wanted in the end.

I am going on monday just a stop over for 2 nights in Bngkok, could any one give me details on good places in Bangkok to pick up my next course.

Also everyone is raving about Pattaya, any good contacts there.


I agree Bushy. That place is like Disneyland for men!


Yeah could`nt agree with you guys more, pattaya is the best place to go if you want the best looking girls and cheap reliable gear.

Though it`s not as easy to find a good pharmacy there as many would believe,i went through maybe more than 15 till i found the best, had a fellow T-Nation member to help me out with that one :wink:



Were did you find the best one to go to in Pattaya.


Well... the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.
Luckily this is not true in this case.
Haven't heard the: ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME for some time know.
Thanks for bringing out the memories...they're all good.


I cant give his name out like this but ill ask him if its ok to help you out, if it is ill send you PM.


The best place to retire to! Though it probably dosen't matter than.