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Questions On My Mass Gain Plan

I basically developed an ED from trying eat to lean and lost A LOT of muscle mass from when I was playing football (205 down to 173 at 6’) in about 8 months or so. I was going through some things which influenced it (obsessing of BF% was one thing).

Anyways, moved down to school saw that we had a sweet gym and decided that I would try to get up to 190 lbs. with high single digits BF. I started working out and upping my meals, and I got up to 180 lbs. in about 2-3 months, but then I tapered off.

I was working my ass off in the gym 4 days a week + doing HIIT and stopped gaining (besides minor strength gains in my lifts) , so I figured it must be my diet. I was off for winter break and took some time to off from the diet for about a month (not being SO strict) and now I’m back.

  1. What’s a good way to figure out really how many cals I need to slowly put on the good type of mass? I read some of CT’s articles and I know that I don’t want to just shoot up in weight only to gain a lot of fat.

  2. Has anyone else here overcome somewhat of an ED? I used to be pudgy kid before I was in sports, so that is always in the back of my mind and somehow prevents me from packing on the mass. In football, I had to just do it but it didn’t bother me because I was working so hard that I never actually got “fat” from gaining mass.

  3. For some reason I can’t shake the fact the I’m either a.) losing LBM still or B.) gaining BF because my metabolism is still fucked.

  4. Would you guys mind just glancing over this diet I laid out and helping me polish it up?

Breakfast - 8:15
3 eggs + 3 whites
1 cup cooked oatmeal

Morning snack (between class) - 10:30
2 scoops protein in water
Fish Oil

Lunch - 12:00
3 big slices of turkey
2 pieces of whole wheat
Large side salad

Pre-workout - 1:30
2 scoops protein in water
5g creatine
4 BCAA caps

Post-workout - 4:30
2 scoops Surge
5g creatine
4 BCAA caps

Dinner - 6:30
2 cuts of top sirloin filet, 2 chicken breasts, ahi tuna or 1/2lb. of salmon. (I switch it up)
Big side salad
1 bowl broccoli

Before bed - 9:00
1 glass 2% milk
1 tbsp natural peanut butter
ZMA caps
2 Fish oil caps

Thanks guys for helping me out.

Anyone willing to help out a little?

That looks pretty good to me. Lots of veggies and meat. Maybe get a little more protein at breakfast, a shake perhaps? Or go buy some cottage cheese.

Also, get some veggies or fruit at breakfast, and start eating nuts.

I forgot to put in that I also get a handful of almonds before bed. Should I be getting more?

hmmm it sounds like your eating the almonds along with the peanut butter. If thats that case, Id say put that handful in somewhere else in the day, and your good to go.

swap the milk for cottage cheese

and like Canadian LM said, you should put the almonds spaced somewhere during the day…

having PB before bed is fine.

Where would be a good place to stick it? Morning snack between class around 10?

I’ll try swapping the milk for cottage cheese at night.

don’t take your ZMA with milk. The calcium may hinder the absorption of the Zinc.

That and the above suggestions, and you seem good to go. Adjust accordingly.