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Questions About Milk and Low-Carb

Alright, I have read around and saw people talking about carbs, and decided to impliment stuff I learned into my new goal of weight loss. (im 6 ft 1, 230 pounds, just finished bulking). I’m taking Chris’s advice and am going to add 20 minutes of incline walking at the end of my 3x weekly workouts, and see how that goes, then maybe once summer comes around I might switch to off days doing sprints.

I’m also going to try and cut carbs way back on the 4 days a week I don’t lift, while eating normal carbs and more calories on days I do lift. I have 2 questions though.

  1. During the low-carb days, should I not drink milk that much? I love milk, and have been drinking it a lot during my bulk. Problem is, it has 12 carbs per 8 oz. Should I just cut back on the milk on the non-lifting days?

  2. I eat oatmeal every morning, mainly because people on this site say it is good to get carbs in the morning. Is it still good to eat oatmeal in the mornings on the days im trying to do low-carb?

Lastly, does anybody know a good low-carb meal I can take with me to school on off days? what do you guys think of this approach?

  1. That depends. How low on carbs are you going? How do we know your daily carb allotment?

  2. That depends. How low on carbs are you going? How do we know your daily carb allotment?

  3. If you have tin foil, plastic food bags, Styrofoam containers, and/or tupperware, you can bring ANY meal ANYWHERE.

Depends if you’re going low-carbs or just lower carbs…

If the former, yes, cut out the milk and most definitely the oatmeal. If the latter, then you can keep them if they’re your only sources and in moderation.

if you’re trying to cut i would suggest eliminating out most drinks that contain calories (other than pwo).

I’m going to try low-carb, not just lower carb, on the days I don’t lift (4 days a week). Is this effective, or should I do low carb for 6 days a week then on one of my lifting days eat as much carbs as I want? Like I said, im very new to losing weight and I have been reading around, but I want to know if you guys think this approach is effective or if there is better things to do.

One thing is right now im only planning on doing the cardio (incline walking) for 20-25 minutes after my 3x weekly workouts. Not enough? Does it matter? Ideally, I plan on doing HIIT sprints on off days during the summer, but thats a few weeks away.