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Question Regarding Sleep and Supplement Response Based on Neurotype

  1. As a child it took 2 plus hours to fall asleep. In my 20’s I had great sleep for a few years. Now, in my mid 30’s I have no problem falling asleep but I always wake up 1-2 times per night. I often need some carbs to fall back asleep as well.

I have had 24 hour salivary cortisol testing done by a functional med doc and the results came back great except I was at the low end of normal at some point during the day in DHEA. He put me on 25mg of DHEA but I didn’t notice any difference in an area so I stopped taking it. I’m assuming it’s cortisol that is spiking, perhaps from a drop in blood sugar, at night that is waking me up but if cortisol"normal", what gives? How can I remedy this?

I have tried Z12, high dose magnessium, micro-dosing melatonin, regular dose 2-5mg melatonin, glycine, tylenol pm, benedryl, dramamine, you name it. Nothing keeps me asleep all night. I once got lost in my own bathroom after a Tylenol PM so I hardly ever take that. Glycine does make me very relaxed and sleepy, but it doesn’t keep me asleep. I’m currently taking Z12 but really don’t see any effects.

  1. Have you noticed a relationship between Neurotypes and their response to supplements? Or at least certain types of supplements?

I’m a 2A after taking your test and I have noticed I tend not to notice the intended effects of supplements that I would expect to have. A few years ago when Nootropics got popular I tried aniracetam and periacetam and didn’t notice a thing. Also creatine doesn’t seem have an additional benefits for me. I’ve taken it on and off for years and don’t notice any difference. Just curious if there is a relationship with supplements and neurotypes?

The closest positive effect I ever experienced was taking high dose 15mg of methylfolate with a b complex. I felt almost euphoric. But after the 2nd time and there after taking it I didn’t notice the same effects as the first time.