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Question for J.Berardi

I really love Surge, the taste and the recovery results, however, I can’t afford to use it every day. I lift three days a week, so I use it on those days. But on days when I just do my 30 min cardio sessions, I need to drink something else. In your opinion, what is the best carb source I can use that’s available at any old grocery store, that I can mix with some protein? Thanks.

Sugar(no kidding). I can’t afford it either while getting other supplements. So I’m blending a protein/bcaa/glutamine mix from the Protein factory with good old sugar 50/50. Once my surge runs out (probably tonite) I’ll start on my fake surge. I’m sure it’s not as good, and it sure doesn’t taste as good (I didn’t add flavorings and sucralose, …BTW, my nine-year-old loves the taste of real surge), but I think it will work. I will make a progress report in a few weeks.

Just have a protein/carb meal. Surge would be best, but it’s probably not that big a deal after 30 minutes of cardio.
I save mine for after weight training. Huge improvements in recovery by the way! Love the stuff!!! Tastes like angel food cake. Katana- Sugar is NOT a good idea!

Berardi wrote about isses like this is the current issue of t-mag. check it out

I too take Surge after my weight training days. The other days, I will just use Grow as my post-workout shake.