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Question About My Soy-Based Protein


Hey all, new member to the site and looking for some wisdom.
I have a question about this protein powder I am using. It is a Kentai (Japanese brand) Soy based protein powder. I picked it up at my gym cause my coach sells it for a discount, which is great and all, but i looked at the specs and it states that there is 22g of protein per 100g. This is pretty low but my coach claims that because its a good protein with amino acids added you don't need such a high protein shake.

The question is, if this protein absorbs better(which i doubt really matters when compared to other whey proteins) into the body, is such a low protein count really useful for training. I feel like the rest is just calories which I don't really need as I am sitting at 220lbs with 21% body fat and trying to lower the later percentage.
Thanks in advance.


it sucks, your coach is selling it cos he gets a comission. get whey and eggs


If your coach wasn't a complete moron, he would know that soy is extremely estrogenic. Throw that shit away right now and buy some normal whey protein.


I would agree with your statement. If you are floating around 21% body fat then extra calories is not what you want. You need good quality protein. As was mentioned, soy is a phytoestrogen which is not the best source to be getting your protein from if you are trying to build muscle and lose body fat.

Second, I don't think soy is a complete protein. Maybe they are adding other essential amino acids to the powder, but I would recommend just getting whey.


Don't use soy if you want to lose the man-boobs. Just a thought. I have been really enjoying the low-carb Metabolic Drive myself (order came in two weeks ago).


Thanks guys, I have heard that Soy Protein is a phytoestrogen, though I have heard that it's ok to take if its not too much. Though I think I will switch to a true whey protein. Plus the high calories in this Protein drink are giving me a Canadian Tyre.


x2. Low carb Metabolic Drive is a staple for me now.


Just checked out the Metabolic Drive. Will have to pick some of that up when i move back to Canada. Though oddly enough, the Micellar Casein that is in the Metabolic Drive is also in the Soybean protein I have been using in Japan.


Are you sure you only get 22g of protein per 100g? Or is it 22g per SCOOP?

I wouldn't worry about getting 'man boobs' from soy products in general, much less from a supplement used in moderation. I drink about 6 cups of soy milk per day - I am lactose intolerant - and also order a mix of whey/pea/soy protein that I use (as they are the cheapest proteins you can find and I enjoy varying my diet as much as I can). I have yet to notice anything budding under my nips and my libido and strength/size progress are just as swell as when I was slugging milk and whey.

I only ask about rechecking the label because I think cheap-ass whey concentrate is about 80% protein by volume (whereas yours is 22%), so I am curious as to what they are using as filler.


Soy's a complete protein, you won't die from rickets or whatever if it's all you consume.

I think it might not be quite as optimal as whey or casein. So unless you're vegan, or have a milk allergy, why bother?

I also wonder what's up with that specific product. Does it have lots of added carbs or fat? Sawdust? a measuring typo?


I have used other soy protein from Kentai before and it is about 82g of protein per 100g but this banana flavored protein is only 22 g per 100g. I think it is also used as a weight gaining protein drink. It has about 300 plus calories per 100g. I didn't notice the low protein levels at first cause I poured it out of the beg into another container. I noticed a difference when I started mixing it when I started the loading phase of creatine put some unwanted weight on around the gut. I have always gained weight easily and was a bit of a fat ass up to high school.

So many products in Japan that say protein bar or protein drink or what not are very low in protein. The protein jelly pack in all the stores bolsters a who 1.2g of protein per pack and the protein bar has about 8g of protein in it.


Srsly Bro Soy is so freaking bad for you. I mean unless you are comfortable with female hormones and thyroid binding.


Oh, snap... hopefully you sell a supplement that claims to reduce estrogen levels, too! That way, you can do ALL of my thinking for me!


um okay.


That was sarcasm (aimed at some of the people in this thread whom I'm not entirely sure can manage to think without having others loan them a few brain cells to rub together). I assumed you were being sarcastic, as well.

Unless you were being serious... in which case, reread my personal experience since making the switch to soy and trust that I am a smart enough fellow to judge for myself what works for me.


Soy protein is cheap for a reason. It's fucking shit.


Well MY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY delivery was purposely over the top.
I am one hundred percent serious about almond milk being better for you than soy. I don't personally believe that human beings should consume soy. ever.


Anyone familiar with these studies listed under "Men?": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soybean#Men

Either these are more up-to-date than the studies cited in t-mag or they're sponsored by the soy giants.


80% Whey is also cheap. And it's not shit. There is absolutely no reason to put highly refined soy products in your body.


One thing is noticed after switching from soy protein to pure whey protein is that now I have stinky farts. So that was one good thing about Soy I guess. T