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Question about Libido

Hi all.

I am on my first cycle, and my libido is low

This is my cycle

Week 1 - 2 test-e 250mg pw
Week 3 -12 test-e 500mg pw
Week 1 - 6 anavar 50mg pd
Week 1 - 14 hcg 500iu 2xpw

Monday starts week 8 injected today 500mg test again.

The first weeks i had a crazy sex drive, but last 2 weeks its shitty.

Could any 1 tell me why or whats wrong, what to look at or what to try.

Thanks for your time and help all

You don’t have an AI listed, are you taking one? Your E2 might be high and that can kill libido. Have you done mid-cycle bloods yet? Also curious what you have planned for PCT.

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Likely e2 too high. Libido is usually one of the first indications for me.

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Most likely high estrogen, as previously stated by the other commenters. I do want to add in that HCG causes atomization in our balls that NO AMOUNT of AI can stop. So right now you have estrogen from the test being aromatized that you can address with arimidex or aromasin. Then you also have the estrogen coming from the aromatization via your balls and HCG. I just wanted you to be conscious of this so when you so use an AI and if you still have estrogen issues then you know why and where it is coming from. I don’t know how much estrogen is going to be coming from your balls/HCG. It might be enough to facilitate all the healthy functions we need from estrogen, then again it might not. Remember we need some estrogen to function and be healthy, it’s just the way it is.
So when you get your AI I would think that starting with half a standard dose twice per week would be a good starting point but then again I don’t know enough about you to say for sure. Body fat also facilitates atomization so you could be getting some extra estrogen from that as well.

How about you figure out what AI you are going to use then let us know and we can guide you through how to dial in your dose.

The three main AIs are arimidex, aromasin and femara. Those are trade names so look up the pharmaceutical names so you will know them when you search. Now probably your best bet to getting something asap and for a somewhat reasonable price is going to be p e of those research chemical sites. They are usually domestic and since it is for research then it is technically not illegal and you don’t need a prescription.

You didn’t say anything about your PCT. Remember I said you could have a situation with the hcg that makes your balls produce estrogen that the AI can’t stop? Well if that happens a d you end up with gyno issues then you will need nolvadex to stop the gyno. You also need nolvadex or clomid for PCT. I bring this up because if you don’t have either then when you get your research chemicals you should get some liquid nolvadex as well. You will need nolvadex or clomid for PCT not matter what so you might as well make sure you have it sooner than later.

Alright figure out what AI you will get, order it and let us know and we can guide you how to dial in the dose.


Chlomid or tamo as pct.

How can i fix the e2 to high ?

So you haven’t bought it yet? Or haven’t decided which one to use?

You take an aromatase inhibitor (AI). Adex and Asin are two common ones, you should have bought one before you started your cycle.

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I would get labs done to see what’s going on first.

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Ive been badly informed.

I got chlomid and tamofix @ home

Well i dont got any bumps at my nipples yet but i do have dry lips asf :pensive:

Should i get my blood checked ? Or get an ai and try ?

Thanks for the reply’s

Get bloods, I would not dose an AI without knowing. What if your E2 is fine and you tank it with an AI, thereby causing even more problems?



Thursday im getting my blood checked for test, estro, shbg

My doctor was a newby she didnt knew what shbg was etc.

Hope thats enoigh and i can see if my estrogeen is to high right ?

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so ur libido suffer when e2 is too high? Many here claim that the more e2 the better the libido, always.

Im running 800mg/w and forgot my AI for a week. Libido went and it was almost impossible to ‘finish’.

Rememeber high and low do have similar symptoms. Just basing my answer off what OP has listed.

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E2 is generally good. Higher e2 in relation to higher testosterone is nothing to be concerned with. But there is a point—and it is different for everyone—when you go from good high e2 to bad high e2. Once you cross that threshold all sorts of things can go awry.


Yep, been there, and have not finished. Not a great thing for the ego. I micro dose ai when that happens with great results. .25 mg of adex had me ready to hump all day, and that is with less than one .25 dose per week.

Mostly i feel fine when e2 runs too high, just a bit of anxiety at night and the libido and finishing issues. I really just take an ai when i need it now. If it let it run too high it doesnt take more then a few days for everything to go back to normal. The less of an ai i take the better i feel, within reason.

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Agree, I only take it when I notice symptoms, and I micro dose. This cycle, I’ve taken .25 mg of adex twice, and I just ended the cycle at 14 weeks.

What were you running for your current cycle?

Getting bloodwork is the way to go. I had a similar issue a few months ago and suspected e2 also but I knew mine was always pretty low without an AI so I didn’t want to risk crashing it by taking anything.
My labs showed my prolactin to be high. My dr prescribed me some caber and the problem was fixed in a couple of weeks.

600 mg/wk test e. I was supposed to finish with tbol, but my state locked down, so I just finished it short.

That sucks man. Were pretty much open for business here in Aus now. Well except internationally.

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