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Purchase Equipment for Gym


I'm thinking of purchasing a safety squat bar for myself. To use it frequently, I'd like to have it at my commercial gym that I attend. What are your thoughts? Have you ever purchased equipment and then stored and/or used it primarily at your gym? I'm not that concerned with theft but more with misuse from others.


Do you plan on keeping it out on the gym floor or asking the gym staff to keep it under lock up when you're not using it? Either way, other members of your gym will ask questions and in time it'll become a hassle.

If you keep it on the floor, what happens when you come into the gym on a day you intend to use it and someone else is and doesn't feel like sharing? Do you tell them "Sorry bro, I bought this so you can take a walk." ? And if it's under lock and key, what do you do when members start coming to you in private asking if they can use it too, or why you think you're so special?

Just things to ponder.


Speak with the management first and see what is their opinion on the matter.


I think it's a good idea, but you need to be sure to have clearly stated with one another, the boundaries, and what is and isn't acceptable, ie what if it's damaged? stolen?(probably unlikely but still something to consider) you know they won't be paying for your equipment.


Have you asked the gym management to buy one for the gym,

Gyms aren't against that kinda thing. Write something up that explains why they need one. Give it to a manager..then send one to corporate

Your gym owner probably even has access to one and thinks nobody would want it so never put it out

My gym owner has tons of strongman stuff in storage and whips it out if questioned...

Try that first. If it doesn't work. Buy one and just let it be the public use kinda thing. Your gym may even let you ride on your monthly dues for stocking their gym with a new piece of equipment.


I used to keep some chains and I think even a box at my gym. No bars though. Talk to management. It's situation-specific.


Good questions. If I want to use the equipment and it's being used by someone else, I will just wait. There's no area to keep it locked up in storage, so it will be out in the open near the squat racks. Agreed - I will need to talk to management


I have friends that have done it with pretty good experience. They had good relationships with the gym owners, and the equipment WAS available to the public. That never led to any problems that I'm aware of. Definitely try Rock's suggestion first though.