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Pulling Out after One Dose of 250mg Test E?

I am 23 I made a rash, foolish, and overall idiotic choice of injecting test enanthate 250 yesterday. I had everything planned, I felt committed, and I was at the end of my rope. What do I need to do to bail? I don’t want to risk permanent damage to my hpta, I don’t want to potentially risk destroying my endocrine system, and I don’t think I’m cut out for anabolics. Call me an idiot, I deserve it. But how fucked am I

Ok, and…?
You do know this is a discussion forum, not a diary, right?
Whats for others to discuss here?

Finish the cycle? You already said you dont want to do it…?!

And no, there is no need for pct, its just 1 injection, you wont feel it or notice it.
Just throw it all out in the garbage, and live you life.

Good luck.


Just don’t take anything else you will be fine

You’re fine, just stop