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Protein Alternatives for Milk/Nut Allergy?


I am having a hard time with my diet due to the fact that I have a peanut and milk allergy. I use an egg protein powder since I cant use whey or casein. I have a slight tolerance for cheese in moderation. But I am having an issue with my mid morning/mid afternoon meals at work. Does anyone else also have these allergies and if so what do you eat as a healthy alternative?


Looks like you'll be stuffing meat down your throat all day long...


LMAO @ Jase

but seriously, he's right. Chicken, Steak, TUNA, Salmon, Turkey, Ground Turkey. For protein powders there's rice proteins, soy protein isolates (depending on if you believe the whole estrogen thing....), pea protein isolates.

But honestly I don't eat peanuts, and the only dairy I consume right now is 12 oz. of milk in my morning shake, and 8 oz. of cottage cheese. I can still get to 300g/protein per day easily. Finding alternatives to those would be that difficult. Maybe switch to almond milk in the mornings, and just eat some more chicken instead of cottage cheese and I'd still be there.


All nuts? All dairy? Saying you can handle cheese makes me wonder if it's a lactose problem or something else. Have you tried a whey isolate that has zero carbs in it?

Otherwise, I vote for cramming meat down your throat, with alternate protein powders as an option too.


You can get lactose free whey.


Explains all my muskels

OP, peanut or nut, which allergy is it?
If it's only peanuts, there are other nuts out there. Almonds, men, walnuts.

If it's both, then as stated there are tons of other snacks.


Yes, I have tried several whey isolates. the latest was Platinum Hydrowhey and I had a allergic reaction.


Lol, I dont think almond milk will work bud due to the whole nut allergy thing. And I am allergic to the whey and the casein in the protein.


Its all nuts and i dont plan on ingesting any man nuts.


I am allergic to the whey itself not just the lactose. Whey and casein are the 2 biggest allergins in the milk.