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PROP/ NPP/ TBOL - Here It Is


^ This is roughly my 8th cycle. First in over a year. I also have been out of the gym for the last two months in comparison over the last 13 years have never missed more than 6 days once or twice for vacation.

^ Have run Prop and NPP before....first time with Turinabol... I love short esters. I also have Forma Stanzol included in my cycle and PCT for a total of 11 weeks....not too knowledgeable on the forma so please let me know how it looks (length/dose) as I bridged it if any1 has experience with it.....Also would it be a waste to run Arimedex E3D on cycle when im already running Forma?...or shoudl I pick one or the other....The same can be said for HCGenerate...not sure on that as well as I just learned about it and kinda threw it in.....

^ My Stats are 29 years old.. 6'4 235lbs..approx 10% BF

^ My goals are to gain as much lean mass as possible. I guess you could say more of a bulk while trying to eat as healthy as possible. I would love to gain 20-25LBS at the end of the 9 weeks clean as one can possible be with that amount of weight/time.....it is winter so oh well...I would like 20-25 but will be happy with 15-20.....

^ Please critique the cycle and PCT as well...open to suggestions and opinions...One of my main concerns is my PCT....as I have ran many different ones and can't seem to find one that works for me as well as I would like...For example, on a typical 8 week cycle I make great gains...but can only manage to keep a very minimal amount...and my libido sex drive after is absolutely horrible...After my last cycle I didn't even want to look at my girlfriend....Im usually all over her. And I have ran just about every compound/combo for PCT...so Im hoping this time is different. Also, I do not have the option of HCG for some reasons so that's out...I ran it last cycle and it did help with atrophy but not libido........and...The only thing I ask is not to tell me nolva should not be included after 19nor (NPP) as I have done my research and talked to the best on that....but everything else let me know......

cycle - (9 Weeks/ Days 1-63)
Post cycle - (4 Weeks/ Days 68-96)

cycle OUTLINE:
Test Prop - 700mg/ED - (Weeks 1-9)
Npp - 525mg/ED - (Weeks 1-8)
Turinabol - 80mg/ED - (Weeks 1-6)
Arimidex - . 25mg/E3D - (Weeks 1-9)
HCGenerate - 5 Tabs/ED - (Week 6 - 9)
Prami - On hand as needed
*Forma Stanzol - 6 Pumps/ED - (Weeks 3-7)
*Forma Stanzol - 10 Pumps/ED - (Weeks 8-9)

BETWEEN cycle & PCT : 4 Days (Days 64-67) :
HCGenerate 5 tabs/ED
Forma Stanzol 10 pumps/ED

POST cycle THERAPY - 4 Weeks (Day 68 - Day 96)
Forma Stanzol - 10pumps/ 8pumps/ 6pumps/ 6pumps
Clomid - 100mg / 50mg / 50mg / 50mg
nolva - 40mg / 20mg / 20mg / 20mg
Forged PCT - 2 Tabs/ED - (4 Weeks)